A very Happy Mother’s Day to all! To this day I still remember the time we found out the next day was going to be 10 degrees out. It was a Saturday night and we decided we were going to flood the outdoor basketball court. All of us hockey players got together and formulated a plan. We got (sort of) permission from the Community Center across the street from the court to use their water. We then went to all our neighbors and asked to borrow their garden hoses.

As night fell (along with the temps), we connected all the hoses, so they would reach across the street and down into the park. We shored up the sides with snow and began to flood the court. What we thought would only take 20 minutes top, would last all night. We were freezing! But the moms, including mine, came to the rescue. They brought down hot tea, cocoa, cookies, food, changes of clothes, and so on.

What started out as 4 or kids and a little idea became a massive neighborhood effort! We finished late into the night and all the moms drove us home. I can still remember packing my gear and falling asleep, only to be awoken by the ringing of the telephone at 6:00 AM.

“Jay, it’s frozen!!!!” Back to the court we all went and played hockey all day long. Then that night we had pizza and watched hockey at my friends’ house. Hence the inspiration for this week’s cartoon. And yes, my Mom was the one who made us the hot cocoa. We sat in her car while she had the heat on full blast.

Thank you, Mom, and all the moms who froze to help make our rink for us.

I think I may have mentioned it before, but soon I will begin broadcasting live on Facebook. I figured I could read some of the Small Saves cartoons, do a live drawing of Small Saves, take questions, and just relax and enjoy being live on air. I don’t have a date set yet, but when I do, I’ll include it here in the newsletter and Facebook updates.

I’ve started the Small Saves Hockey T-Shirt Collection book! It will showcase all the designs. I’m formatting it now and hope to have it out by Summer.

This week’s spotlight is on the Small Saves Storybook, “When the Game Calls.”

Small Saves, the little youth hockey goalie, goes to bed wishing his day had been filled with playing hockey. Just as he is about to fall asleep, the game calls out to him. Under the moonlight, he follows his heart to where a rink awaits his arrival. Gear up with Small Saves as he takes to the ice to play!

To order your book, please click on the link below or purchase at www.smallsaves.com


I’d like to share the new flyer that I’m sending out to everyone. If you know someone who may enjoy Small Saves, please feel free to email them the flyer. Thanks!

See you next week.