2018 Denver Shootout Nanaimo JR Timbermen

Pictured Geoff Ward Hank Wulder Nathan Clark Colin Jeffrey Ari Stevens, Photo by Paula Harris

Several Nanaimo JR Timbermen have just returned from Denver Colorado where they participated in the 2018 Denver Shootout as members of the Claremont Lacrosse Academy.

This is a 200+ team field lacrosse tournament which draws players from all over North America. Claremont’s team is coached by Darren Reisig and Chris McKay.

Timbermen team members included grade 12 players Geoff Ward Hank Wulder Nathan Clark Colin Jeffrey and Ari Steven’s. Also participating were rookie Timbermen Reid Mathews Arthur Miller and Ryan Sheridan who are currently in grade 11 at Claremont.

This tournament provides great exposure to these players as many US colleges coaches are in attendance recruiting for their programs. Well done Tmen.