Photo Credit: Clinton Myers

It was a packed house at Archie Browning Arena on Saturday night (July 7th) where fans enjoyed two dramatic and hard-hitting games of roller derby. The annual Pride bout featured two teams formed specifically for this game— the Rainbow Riders vs the Glitter Bombs— while the headliner game featured the A-Team taking on the Anarchy Angels of Cloverdale, BC.

The first game of the night ended in a decisive win for the Rainbow Riders, who have never lost a pride game, with a score of 229 – 166 over the Glitter Bombs. Both mash-up teams showcased awesome talent from local and mainland skaters, which is made all the more impressive by the fact that some of these players were meeting with their teammates for the first time, while all of them played without any team practices.

Rainbow Riders captain reGretel, says the Riders were a diverse group of skaters:

“We had skaters playing their first Eves game, or their first game returning from injury, and even one junior playing his first adult-level game! Not to mention, guest skaters from other leagues. Thanks to solid guidance from Bench Coach, Lemon, and the skilled skater-management of Line Coach, Rumble Bee, all skaters were able to keep calm and focus on upcoming plays”

Mill Street Bruisery and Grenade O’Connor were named MVP jammers while Shehard and Slaya Patra were named MVP Blockers. This is a first time MVP win for Mill Street Bruisery, who when asked for comment responded with an incoherent yell and a rain of high fives, perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the game.

In the second game of the night the Eves’ A-Team fell to the Anarchy Angels with a final score of 159 – 86. Representing the top players of the Eves of Destruction league, the A-Team roster has seen some changes this season. The game was put on hold on several occasions to accommodate skaters who suffered injuries during the game. Despite the additional hardships, the team came out ahead of the expected point spread and are pleased with the outcome.

A-Team co-captain Pfury. S Pfaff knew going into this game that it was going to be a hard fought battle.

“Our team went into this game knowing it was going to be about stamina and hard hits and we have been preparing. We never quit, against them which the second half score shows .I am really proud of our team and how we support each other in and off the track.”

Kariac Arrest was named the A-Team MVP Jammer, while Rage was named MVP Blocker.

Your next opportunity to see roller derby in Victoria will be Aug 11th. This Exhibition Bout is admission by donation and will feature the Hard Cores and the A-Team, showcasing both sides of the derby experience spectrum; incredible though it may seem, all A-Team members were once at the ability level of the Hard Cores!