If we wore gloves during the show, they’d be coming off for this one. Only one of us can be right 52% of the time, and we will fight for that right (figuratively of course). Before the main event though, we recap the troubling trends the BC Lions are showing after being shellacked in Winnipeg. Is Travis Lulay the answer, or does it go deeper? How much damage are the Leos doing to their brand in Vancouver? We talk a little World Cup as well, with Brendan being reminded he actually picked France to win. Will they come through for him? Does he even care?

Being July, you’d think we wouldn’t talk hockey. You’d be wrong. It’s our main event, with Geoff and Brendan squaring off on the couch over the Canucks, from free agency to the development camp to what October will look like. Bets are made, shots are taken. Whose side are you on? We also reflect on the career of Alex Burrows, and question what exactly is going on in a couple eastern hockey markets. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!