Linden leaving Canucks

You might think that we’re fanboys, and you’d be right, but this show isn’t about us (at least not entirely). We start the show with baseball, as the MLB trade deadline has come, with the Blue Jays selling off and the Mariners bolstering their bullpen. No surprise from Toronto, but Seattle has some tough questions to answer, and soon. We also salute the Alphonso Davies farewell tour, and is Johnny Manziel worth the hype?

Now the elephant in the room. No, not Jarome Iginla retiring, but the Aquilini family once again getting in their own way with the direction of the Canucks. Trevor Linden takes the “amicable” fall, and we examine what happened, as well as the results of when fanboys try to run franchises. All this plus a birthday salute to a Canadian hero in lieu of Garbage Time!

Just A Bit Outside – Episode 108