Someone is feeling a little smug after being on the winning side of his online poll, and since this is a democracy, we will give the people what they want. Before that though, we talk about current sporting events, such as the BC Lions big win. Can they carry this momentum and win on the road for the first time this season? How about the Whitecaps going into Portland and winning? Will that result in another W in Toronto? Maybe baseball is your flavour, as the Mariners continue their uneven August by sweeping Houston. Will the return of Robinson Cano be a positive? How will Felix Hernandez handle being in the bullpen? Plus some guy named Tiger is back playing golf.

If you don’t care about any of that, and just want to talk about the Canucks, then we are the show for you. The fire still smolders from the Trevor Linden departure, which leads to some interesting questions. If they win without him, will fans still be bitter? We discuss how the 1994 and 2011 teams are viewed, for better or for worse. Which one had a bigger impact on you? All this plus the biggest problem in sports in Garbage Time!

Just A Bit Outside – Episode 110