Andrea Boyes, Martin Newham, Vicky Zdancewicz, photo by Michael Aucoin
The efforts of life-long skaters Andrea Boyes and Martin Newham to bring back roller disco dancing to the Capital Region will be in the spotlight this week, starting with Roller Skate Victoria’s Retro Roller Disco at Archie Browning Arena in Esquimalt this Saturday (August 25th).
The event, expected to sell out, intends to give people a chance to travel back through time by featuring a live vinyl DJ (DJ Miker) playing disco hits from the 70’s and early 80’s, and performances by some of BC’s best roller disco dancers. As Newham, Co-founder of Roller Skate Victoria explains, it is the nostalgia factor that has really driven ticket sales:
“People are longing for that feeling of yesteryear. We’re aiming to bring that feeling back through the music, decor and costumes. As a teen it was every Friday night at the roller rink in Esquimalt when the ice was out. It’s great to see roller skating making a comeback, and neat that roller disco is returning home to Esquimalt!”

In the coming weeks, the pair, who have spent the greater portion of their lives skating on ice but are now certified roller skating instructors, will also be launching the Roller Skate Victoria Dance Academy for kids and adults who want to learn how to roller skate, and ultimately roller disco dance.

“Roller skating is alive and well in the Capital Region, thanks in part to the community Eves of Destruction Roller Derby has built over the years”, says Boyes, Co-founder of Roller Skate Victoria, who also agrees roller disco dancing is indeed making a comeback: “You are starting to see roller skating and roller dancing more often in mainstream pop culture again. It’s showing up in music videos, commercials and televised talent shows. We want to bring that to Victoria!”

The Academy will also be home to a roller dance performance crew who will be working on a slate of choreographed routines available to be performed at events around Vancouver Island, as well as a “Roller Sweat” class — combining roller skating and working out — which will be taught starting next year by soon-to-be personal trainer and World Cup roller derby player Vicky Zdancewicz.

Tickets to the Retro Roller Disco are $20 and available on EventBrite. No tickets will be sold at the door. Rentals are provided by Rolla Skate Club and are $10 at the venue, first come first serve. The event runs from 7-11. For information on Roller Skate Victoria Dance Academy visit the group’s Facebook page.