As per the timelines to cancel a match, the CW Board of Directors is recommending that the decision whether to delay the start, postpone or cancel a competition is the responsibility of the Athletic Director (or designate) from the home institution. The Director of Athletics or designate from the home institution must consult with the head official for the competition, the athletic director of the visiting team, and the CW office prior to making a decision.


Policy 9:

  1. Delay, Cancellation or Postponement of Competitions

12.1    There are a number of unusual circumstances that cause the delay, postponement or cancellation of a competition.  The following are examples of unusual circumstances:

1)  Inclement weather which poses a risk to the safety of the participants, officials and/or spectators.

2)  Insufficient daylight time to complete a competition.

3)  Officials fail to show up or are late for a competition.

4)  Venue is a rental facility where previous bookings do not allow for the completion of a competition.

5)  Visiting team is late for the official starting time of a competition (i.e.: cancellation of flights).

6)  Job action prevents access to the facility by participating teams, officials and event management staff.

7)  Medical crisis which poses a risk to the safety of the participants, officials and/or spectators, or prevents a team from fielding a sufficient roster to compete.

8) Poor air quality, due to heavy smoke.  It is recommended that members postpone a match if the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI – Environment Canada) is “7” or higher.




In regards to our games this weekend. It appears they go on here as scheduled. We will be making the final call hours before game time.