Frisbee has become a successful sport over the years. Here are 10 interesting things you need to know about it.
1.Frisbee started at the Yale University in 1947 with its students throwing aluminum plates to one another. The play made them realize that aluminum has a good aerodynamics when thrown into the air.
2.Walter Frederick Morrison was the first person who took frisbee seriously that he invented a plastic disc with improved flying behavior. He and his wife sold discs to passers-by for 25 cents, making a 20 cents profit.
3.  “Whirl-Way” was the original name planned for the first produce of plastic disc by Frederick Morrison.
4. The first plastic frisbee disc was called “Flynn-Saucer” because during the time that it was being produced there was a news about an unknown object flying on the sky that looked like a huge flying disc.
5.Flynn-saucer was the original name of frisbee.“Flynn-saucer” was only changed to “Frisbee” when they learned that the Yale University students were calling the disc frisbee as they play with it. Also, the name of the company pie owner who supply the aluminum plates to the University was Joseph Frisbie.
6.The first toy company to release a toy flying disc was Wham-O which was also the toy company for Hula-Hoops. Frederick Morrison sold his rights to the toy company.
7. Edward Headrick who was the Wham-O’s general manager and vice president of marketing is the man behind the success of Frisbee. He aggressively introduced frisbee to the people that resulted to a 100 Million sales in the Wham-O toys. Headrick himself invented Frisbee Golf. When Edward Headrick died he was cremated and mold to a frisbee disc for his family to use which was his request before he died.
8. Frisbee was awarded a spot into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1994 and 1995.
9.Mattel Incorporatedis now the official owner of frisbee.Frisbee was acquired from Wham-O company toy in 1994.
10.Simon Lizotte of Germany made the farthest throw of a flying disc in 2014. It has been thrown by 263.2 meters (863.5 feet) as the farthest flight of Frisbee in history.