Russell Wilson

Here’s a look at what’s “out there” for today — Thursday, September 6 — about your Seattle Seahawks:

Wilson’s Mental Zone

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson always stays mentally ready.

This week for Men’s Health Magazine, Wilson shared seven tips that help him stay focused and in the zone on NFL Sundays. Wilson will appear in the October edition of the magazine alongside fellow NFL stars J.J. Watt, Devonta Freeman and Antonio Brown.

Below are three of Wilson’s seven tips. You can read the remainder of his thoughts in the full article here.

Learn intensely.

“I love drawing things out; I love watching film. But there’s nothing like the intensity and the feeling of actually playing the game—and practicing that way as well. It’s high-intensity concentration, simulated crowd noise, and I have to remember certain things or recite certain things or visualize certain things.”

Play to your strengths.

“Sometimes the play dictates itself. I don’t think you want to overthink it. You just go with your best plays and stuff that you do really well. Simple wins: You just have to be able to do the simple things right.”

Call an audible.

“You recognize the matchup—that’s where all the film study comes in. We have adjustments within the play. And then you talk to the line, you talk to the receivers, you talk to everybody, telling them whatever the term is. When you get to it, everybody knows what they’re doing.”