This week has been very busy for Small Saves, as his media presentation kit is getting closer to a presentation.

His first stop will be the Boston Bruin’s marketing department. I’m still working on the special cartoon that will accompany the kit, but I thought it might be fun to share “The makings of” segment–what goes into a customized cartoon.

With Willie O’Ree, the former winger for the Bruins being inducted into the HOF, I felt this would be a good showcase.

To take you through a cartoon setup, the first thing I do is pick a topic. Next, I find a quiet spot and write. It’s rare that the first idea is the one that hits the mark, but I write down everything. It’s kind of like working with clay. you start out with a clump. But slowly, it takes form.

Once I have my idea down, I begin to draw. For this particular piece, I need to integrate my more serious illustrations to “bring the cartoon home”, so to speak. I’ll draw the pics I need at a larger size. This way I can get in all the detail I need. I’ll then shrink it down and cut and paste it into the marked- off areas.

Then, once it’s done, the entire cartoon is reduced in multiple copies and I’ll color them it.

Here is what I have so far…

By next week, it will be done and I’ll show it here.

This week’s Small Saves cartoon is taken from his cartoon collection book, “Renegade Goaltender.”