VICTORIA – The University of Victoria held the 14th annual Vikes Honour Roll Luncheon on Nov. 21 at the University Club recognizing those student-athletes who achieved a minimum of 6.6 GPA (80%) or higher during the 2017-18 school year. There were 84 student-athletes across eight faculties presented certificates from their respective deans, while third-year Vikes men’s field hockey player Christopher Lee was named the Provost Award Winner for the second-straight year.

Since 2007, a total of 776 student-athletes have been acknowledged for achieving the 80 per cent or higher milestone and many have achieved the standard multiple times. In 2007-08, the inaugural group honoured had just 44 recipients, and that number has risen dramatically each year up to 94 for 2017. The increase has been a sheer testament to the bar that the Vikes continue to set for being top students and athletes.

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Victoria, funds raised from the Vikes Championship Breakfast and the Nike T. Litzen Sports and UVic Bookstore agreement, all of the recipients receive a $500 athletic financial award. In addition, the Provost Award winner, the student-athlete with the highest academic average based on the previous year, receives an additional $500 athletic financial award.

Lee was presented the award by Dr. Valerie Kuehne, Vice-President Academic and Provost at the Wednesday Luncheon, while he will also be presented the award again at the Celebration of Champions event later in April 2019.  Lee earned an incredible 9.0 GPA for two-straight years in the Faculty of Science and has been a key contributor to a young men’s field hockey program. Lee has balanced a heavy class schedule with regular training and weekly travels to Vancouver for games.

All of the student-athletes who compete on teams recognized by U SPORTS also received an Academic All-Canadian certificate. Earlier in November U SPORTS announced the Top 8 Academic All-Canadians who will be further honoured at a separate reception by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, the Governor General of Canada.

For a full history of Vikes Honour Roll Recipients click here.

2017-18 Vikes Honour Roll Recipients

Justin Kinnear, Basketball
Katie Martens, Golf
Alexander Sawers, Rowing
Jesse Burns, Rugby
Gavin Kratz, Rugby
Elise Butler, Soccer
Katie Carrothers, Soccer
Timothy Longley, Cross-Country/Track
Caroline Harrell, Cross-Country/Track

Jocey Charlton, Field Hockey
Emily Wong, Field Hockey
Melanie Murchison, Golf
Rebecca Kingston, Rowing
Larissa McKinlay, Rowing
McKenna Simpson, Rowing
Tiffany Picketts, Rugby
Jas Lally, Soccer
Kiara Kilbey, Soccer
Caitlin Millham, Soccer
Buzz Mallender, Swimming
Tyler Smith, Cross-Country/Track
Laurel Booker, Cross-Country/Track

Jason Scully, Basketball
Paul Westermann, Field Hockey
Isaac Donaldson, Rowing
Hannah Kennedy, Rowing
Xavier Araujo, Soccer
Evan Stefanek, Soccer
Ian Whibley, Soccer
Eric Hedlin, Swimming
Baylee Munro, Swimming
Josh Zakala, Swimming
Derrick Evans, Cross-Country/Track
Vlad Lyesin, Cross-Country/Track
Derrick Ushko, Cross-Country/Track
Brandon Vail, Cross-Country/Track
Emma Bibault , Cross-Country/Track

Fine Arts:
Rhiannon Jones, Golf
Christopher Clarke, Rowing

Human and Social Development:
Nicole Gargarella, Golf
Alison Hooper, Cross-Country/Track
Jess Wallace, Rowing

Adam Donaldson, Rowing
Cassidy Fernandes, Rowing
Jamie Beck, Rugby

Chris Lee, Field Hockey
Aidan Pye , Field Hockey
Jonathan Walters-Shumka, Field Hockey
Lindsay Cole, Field Hockey
Quinn Fitzgerald, Golf
Connor McKenzie, Rowing
Piper Battersby, Rowing
Judith Beestermoller, Rowing
Elliot Gray, Rowing
Eden Hardcastle, Rowing
Hayley Hubbs , Rowing
Rachel Kalkman , Rowing
Hannah Meeson, Rowing
Emily Belchos, Rugby
Emma Dupuis , Rugby
Shaye Tudor, Rugby
Natalie Cavallin, Soccer
Emily Lieuwen, Soccer
Arthur Firmino, Swimming
Bryce Molder, Swimming
Ethan Phillips, Swimming
Tabitha Craig , Swimming
Taylor Snowden-Richardson, Swimming
Matthew Noseworthy, Cross-Country/Track
Alyssa Mousseau, Cross-Country/Track
Elena  Savidge, Cross-Country/Track

Social Sciences:
Amelia Ack, Basketball
Morgan Roskelley, Basketball
Harpar Gill, Field Hockey
Larissa Piva, Field Hockey
Daan Arscott, Rowing
Eric Velestuk , Rowing
Morgan Cathrea, Rowing
Sarah Craven, Rowing
Kirsten McKay, Rowing
Jennifer Syme, Rowing
Jessica Neilson, Rugby
Dorian Colopisis, Soccer
Trinity Kettyls, Soccer