Varsity Karate Sato Cup Photo/news credit: Tanya Crowle

Karate athletes from Varsity Performance Karate in Saanich earned seven medals at the Sato Cup karate tournament held on November 17th at the BCIT Gymnasium in Burnaby, BC.

“This was a great tournament to help prepare our athletes for the upcoming BC Provincial Championships being held in early December” says Varsity Performance Karate’s Head Coach Kraig Devlin. “There was an excellent level of competition with many BC Provincial Team, Canadian National Team and USA National Team members’ competing at the event. Our performance there really helped show where we need to make adjustments and improvements.”

It was the 19th edition of the annual competition with more than 350 athletes from across British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.

Fifteen-year-old Esquimalt High School student Malia Brodie won silver in the 16/17 year-old -53 elite kumite (sparring) category while her thirteen-year-old sister Olivia Brodie took home a trio of bronze medals in the 12/13 year-old -44kg elite kumite, 14/15 year old -47kg elite kumite and the 12/13 year old elite kata (forms) divisions.

Claremont secondary student Irvin Goraya, 16, won a bronze medal in the 14/15 year-old advanced kumite division and took 5th place in the 14/15 elite kumite division.

Newcomer nine year old Yashita Kaku from St. Margret’s School earned a bronze medal in the 8/9 year-old intermediate kata division.

“The mid-range goal for our athletes above 12 years old is to qualify for and perform well at the 2019 Junior National Championships being held in early May in Edmonton, Alberta.” noted Coach Devlin, “It’s only thru competing at tough events such as this that we get to really see how we are progressing and developing as a competitive club.”

The team was supported by coaches Kraig Devlin, Tanya Crowle and Aaron Elliott. Elliott also competed in the event, winning silver in the men’s advanced kumite division.