Kareem Hunt

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Just A Bit Outside – Episode 126 – For Whom The Bell Dings

Whom does the bell ding for? Athletes who assault people? Corrupt organizations? An early 90’s TV show reference? Maybe all of the above. We start this week with the Kareem Hunt saga, casting a wider look on the failures that lead to such actions. Is there one cause, or are we all to blame?

Hockey talk leads Brendan to rant against the lack of patience being displayed with certain Canucks prospects. Do fans need to adjust expectations and attitudes? Are players successes tied to where they develop and the people developing them? How will the Canucks fare after making some roster adjustments? Should we really be sweating the recent losing streak, or is this just part of the process back to relevance?

Lots of Seattle talk in this show too, with the city being awarded an NHL franchise. Bets on team name? We talk some Seahawks, who now firmly control their playoff destiny. Is this team a legitimate threat to compete with the big dogs of the NFC? How about the Texans? Are they ready to take down the giants of the AFC? All this plus some Mariners talk and more in Garbage Time!