Canadian defenceman Jared McIsaac will miss the next game due to a suspension. photo: Matt Zambonin / HHOF-IIHF Images

The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Team Canada defenceman Jared McIsaac. McIsaac will miss his Canada’s final preliminary round game on New Year’s Eve against Russia.

The suspension stems from a violation of Official Playing Rule 124 (Checking to the Head and Neck Area). The incident occurred occurred at 48:08 in the 3rd period of Canada’s preliminary round game against the Czech Republic on 29th December. Czech forward Jachym Kondelik received a pass from his defensive zone but couldn’t control it and the puck glided towards the boards close to the red line. After Kondelik got the puck back on his stick, he skated along the boards attempting to enter the Canadian defensive zone. Shortly before the blue line, Kondelik saw McIsaac arriving, and chipped the puck via the board into the Canadian zone.

At the same time McIsaac, seeing that Kondelik did not have full control of the puck, changed his skating direction to move towards the boards to stand up at his blue line and prevent Kondelik from coming into the Canadian zone. Skating in a slightly lower position… moving backwards towards Kondelik and keeping eye contact him…McIsaac prepared to deliver his body check. McIsaac delivered his body check extending his body in an upward motion at Kondelik, resulting in contact being made with his left shoulder at Kondelik’s head and neck area.

Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that, because McIsaac drove and extended his body upward toward Kondelik’s head, his actions were extremely dangerous, created a serious risk of injury to Kondelik and violated IIHF Official Rule 124 (Checking to the Head and Neck Area). A correct check without elevation could easily been executed towards this taller player.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that because McIsaac violated Official Playing Rule 124 when checking Kondelik, he shall be sanctioned as follows:

Suspension for one game; specifically, game #19 on 31 December 2018 at 19:30 Russia vs Canada.

McIsaac will be eligible to return for the playoff round.


We are aware of the decision of the IIHF’s panel regarding Jared McIsaac. We will respect the decision and look forward to Jared’s return to competition.