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Funny Sport Videos

Funny Sport Videos

Looking for funny sport videos?  You've come to the right place!

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB

Bryan Cranston’s One Man MLB Show

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame shares his heart about his new one man MLB show where he dramatically re-enacts the MLB post game season.  
golf ball lands in pocket

Hole in Pocket

When Rory McIlroy’s 14th hole tee shot went left into the trees and somehow landed in the pocket of a spectator, the PGA should have required the ball to be played where it lay - OUCH!

Multiple Errors

How many errors does it take to let 2 runs score?  This many.
Video of boxing cat

Boxing Cat

Gizmo the cat REALLY likes boxing!  
Brother and Sister on Kiss Cam

Gophers Kiss Cam Guy

This would have turned out totally different if had been Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah at the game.  
Jason Sudeikis - Soccer Coach

When a Football Coach Coaches Soccer

What would happen if the coach of an American football team became coach of a professional soccer team?  Probably nothing like this, but just the same Jason Sudeikis knocks it out of the park!  
Sean Garnier Plays Soccer as Old Guy

Sean Garnier Plays Soccer as Old Man

It's always fun to see the the older generation show-up the young folk!  It's so much fun that soccer star, Sean Garnier, couldn't wait to be old. Watch as he puts the moves on some unsuspecting soccer players in...
50 Cent Throws Out First Pitch

First Pitch by 50 Cent

50 Cent has a new video out: "First Pitch."  He's already taking quite a rap for it - it wasnt' even worth a plug nickel. 2 cents for your thoughts in comment box below.  Know of other really terrible...

This Kid is a Playah!

The kid in this game is a player - and we're not talking about baseball!
Funny Spoons Game Prank

Spoons Game

OK, this may not be an official sport, but making sport of your friends during a soccer game is close enough!
Paul Hunt Comedy Floor Exercise

Gymnastics Comedy Floor Exercise

One has to be incredibly talented to be this bad at gymnastics.

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