Mark Hebscher

Mark Hebscher

Mark Hebscher has been a sports commentator on TV and radio for over 30 years. His on-air personality and attitude is unique and refreshing. Mark co-hosted the groundbreaking "Sportsline" on Global TV for 11 years from 1984-95 with Jim Tatti, and developed a weekly collection of sports bloopers known as the "Hebsy Awards". "Sportsline" now airs weekday afternoons at 5pm on CHCH TV.

Do We Care If Michael Saunders Is Canadian ?

Mark Hebscher  (ISN) - The Bluejays improved their outfield situation by trading J.A. Happ to Seattle for Michael Saunders. That is a fact. But why did all the news stories read "Canadian-born outfielder Michael Saunders..."? Why not "Lefthanded hitting outfielder Michael Saunders"? After...

Russell Martin is just what the doctor ordered

russel mar
Mark Hebscher (ISN) - Despite the protestations of many Bluejays fans, this was a welcome move. Signing a catcher, and a very good one at that, was a higher priority for the Bluejays than we thought. Let's face it, they haven't had a good...

Tell Your Stats To Shut UP

By Mark Hebscher/blog  From a baseball perspective, it was a gem. From a statistical perspective, it was an opportunity lost. Chris Sale of the Whitesox won the game, but failed to strike out at least 10 Blue Jays, which would've set a record for...

Kiss Of Death

randy carlyle
Mark Hebscher (ISN) - The odds are against Randy Carlyle finding another head coaching job in the NHL.  There, I said it.  Once you've been fired from the Maple Leafs, your career as a head coach in the NHL is over.  Ask...

Just Answer The Question,Jerk!

By Mark Hebscher (ISN) - If you were making 8 million dollars a year, and agreed to be interviewed and the reporter suggested you might be difficult to coach, how would you respond? Would you suggest that it was a bad question and then...

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