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I am a die-hard, dyed in the wool Habs and Broncos fan who still mourns the loss of the Montreal Expos. I will endeavour to try and be entertaining and objective in my musings and rants about the world of sports, celebrity, politics and the things that affect all of us,  even when I’m bashing the Bruins, laughing at the Leafs, fileting the Flyers  or stomping on the Steelers. If what you read here makes you laugh, think out loud or gives you pause for thought, I’ll consider it a case of mission accomplished. If the content induces you to send an e-mail expressing how much you like or dislike me or my writing, fire away. I will do my best to acknowledge your comments ( and take your opinions to heart, mainly because the unusual anonymous nature of this posting provides me with an incredibly thick skin.

Super Bowl 2015

Super Blow Blues

By Left Field         ( ISN) - Eight days later, the sobs still have not subsided in Seattle. The tears continue to soak the soil beneath the Space Needle and  spill into Seattle's harbour in the...
nfl logo

Playoff Refs,Riffs And Replay Rants

By Left Field (ISN) - If this year's NFL playoffs accomplished anything, it's been to move the referees from under the microscope to dead centre inside the cross hairs of a sniper's scope. If that sounds a tad...
paul robertson

The Shaw Shanked Reduction

Left Field  (ISN) - Attention: Powers That Be at Shaw Cable Re: Cancellation of Montreal Canadiens Coverage. To Whom it may Concern,I recently spent 20 minutes on the phone speaking to one of your uber friendly...
new years resolutions

Left Field : New Year’s Resolutions

Left Filed  (ISN) - In keeping with the true meaning of the holidays, I will depart for the moment from my unabashed bashing of Roger Goodell for his dismal performance as king of the National Football League and...
J beliveau

Le Gros Bill

Left Field  (ISN) - What more can you say about Jean Beliveau that's not been said already by award-winning wordsmiths whose skill level sets the bar at unreachable heights for a plugger like me? That's why I initially...

$40 million Mistake

By Left Field  (ISN) - When the judgment comes down on Adrian Peterson's appeal of his suspension, it's unfathomable to think that Roger Goodell, the $40 million a year man, will continue his reign as commissioner of the...
mr hockey

Howe Sad

Left Field (ISN)  (ISN) - News that hockey legend Gordie Howe had suffered a stroke that had left him slightly paralyzed and slurring his words almost left me speechless. More sad news today indicates that what initially looked...

Habitual Optimist

Left Field  (ISN) - Something is stirring beneath the surface at the corner of Atwater and St. Catherines, where the old Montreal Forum used to stand. There's been unconfirmed reports of an apparition or two hiding in the...

On Thin Ice

By Left Field  (ISN) - My neck may be the equivalent of a six storey apartment building with severe infrastructure issues, but it won't stop me from skating. I had quite the procedure on the fourth floor 24...

Vintage Scully

VINTAGE SCULLY   In an age where baseball broadcast booths overflow with banter from analysts, ex players and experts, Vin Scully goes it alone. The native New Yorker, who celebrates 87 next month, starting calling Brooklyn Dodgers games...

All Hail The Commish

Sept 22,2014(ISN) - If there is a god, I hope she blesses Pigskin Annie for keeping our motley crew of computer curmudgeons afloat in the football pool. She should at the very least be on the short list...

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