June14,2014(ISN) –  Vancouver -Jabouin def. Easton via unanimous dec.

Yves Jabouin:

“It was a tough fight and I expected Mike Easton to live up to his name. He was nothing short of the Hulk out there tonight. All of his power comes at a cost though and he was definitely slower than me in the exchanges and scrambles. Speed overcomes in most cases. I worked very hard on my wrestling because that’s his strong suit and I think I surprised him with my own takedowns. Not a lot of people can take Mike down so that’s something I was proud of tonight. I’m the type of guy who takes his career one fight at a time but I think I defeated one of the very best tonight so I’m looking forward to whatever the UFC has in store for me next.”

Mike Easton:

“That was a good hard fight and I’m always happy when I’m able to go out there and compete for the UFC fans. I learned a lot in this one but I wanted to win so badly. I got poked in the eye in the first round. That’s the second fight in a row where that has happened. Unfortunately, my vision didn’t start clearing up until late in the second round. Again, it’s a tough loss but it’s always a pleasure to go out there and do what I love to do. Hopefully in the future they’ll figure out a better way to control the eye pokes so we can compete at our best.”