Eleven weeks ago I began featuring a select group of my original paintings through my Facebook Fan page. I wanted to show my patrons, and future art collectors, how easy it can be to collect original Canadian art without having to pay the full gallery retail amount, up front. You can build your art collection and have the art you want, on your walls now, while you pay for it on a lease program that best suits your budget.

If you are looking to purchase an original painting, that has a price tag of at least $1400 CDN, you can select a range of purchase options from 12 to 48 month leases. I am able to offer this to my art collectors through a company called, Art Lease Canada.

Leasing also offers many advantages for small and large businesses to purchase Original Canadian Art. Every lease payment you make increase’s your equity, just like a mortgage. If you are a business leasing art, you can write-off the full amount of the lease. The Canadian tax law allows business owners to purchase and write-off Original Canadian Art in its entirety. The acquisition of Original Canadian Art is included in the Capital Cost Allowance for all Canadian businesses, so long as the Artist was a Canadian Citizen when creating the work and the work of art is an Original worth a minimum of $200.

No down payment, no extra payments and no adjustments. Your lease covers the full cost of your art, including shipping.

It has never been easier to collect original Canadian art, whether you are buying through a gallery or direct through the artist. Select and enjoy your original painting now, on your budget. Your investment will help support and preserve art heritage and history by becoming an art collector.

Below are the Art of Brandy Saturley, ‘Lease of The Week’ featured artworks, from the past 11 weeks.







































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