By Cheryl Brown

Jr champs Photo credit Caroline Mace

(ISN) – Four Claremont High School lacrosse teams headed across the pond this week to the mainland to compete in the B.C. High School Lacrosse Championships at Mercer High School in New Westminister and Charles Best High School in Coquitlam. Eleven teams from the province (five in the Junior Division and six in the Senior Division) fought hard to take home the Junior and Senior Division title of Provincial Champs.


Sr champs Photo credit Caroline Mace

The Claremont High School Lacrosse Academy is a very highly respected program in B.C. and Canada. Program head and coach, Darren Reisig and coach and trainer Chris Mckay are both former Shamrock and National Lacrosse League players who work hard to assist their lacrosse students to achieve all they can through academics and lacrosse. The Claremont lacrosse program has seen 40 plus student athletes receive offers to play in the NCAA.

The junior semi finals saw the two Claremont junior teams battling for that much- desired berth in the final game. It was a very close game with a final score of 6-5 for Claremont Junior Team 2. I asked some of juniors from both teams what it is like playing your friends and schoolmates as opposed to a team from a different school. Riley Condon (team 2) said that it is different but still competitive”. Max Wilson (team 2) said that that he felt that “the competition aspect was stepped up and that it was more of a finesse game and not as physical.” “ You don’t want to injure a guy from your own program because the last thing you want is to have your own guys having to sit out”.

The Academy is a close-knit group of guys. Both senior teams and Junior Team 1 cheered on Team 2 during their final championship game against New Westminister. It was a back and forth game for the first quarter and then Claremont started to move ahead until they clinched the championship with a final score of 10-6. For most of the boys it was their very first provincial lacrosse win. Riley Condon said that he was ready to throw his helmet in the air to celebrate and then heard the words of Coach Reisig “ Stay Classy Boys”. This is one of the reasons that the Claremont Academy is so successful. They have great guidance from coaches on not only lacrosse but also skills that will help them as they go through life.


Claremont Jr. champs Colt Gnech, Brayden Brown, Josh Pickford, Riley Condon Photo credit to Caleb Kueber

Junior MVP was Riley Condon and it was a great tourney by all poles and goalies with strong offense by Brayden Brown, Joe Jackson and Josh Pickford. Immediately after the Junior’s win all Claremont teams headed over to cheer on the Grade 12 Senior team who had beat a very good Team from Terry Fox High 12-9 to move onto the championship game. The Championship game was a nail biter with the score going back and forth ending in an 8-8 tie. The Claremont seniors clinched the win in the second 4-minute overtime with a score final score of 10-8. Senior MVP was Brad McCulley. It was a great tournament for Danny Smith, Jesse Gough, Tyler Mace and Levi Gallant. Jordan Wendt was very strong on face off.

“ I am proud of all of the guys for the double win” said Coach Reisig . “All teams in our junior and senior tier one division should feel good”. “It was the deepest B.C. Championships I have been at”. “All of the teams were good and there were no easy games “. All teams are back on the island celebrating their schools big wins and hoping that this will give them a pass on running the much talked about “Hell Hill” under the direction of coach Chris McKay on Monday morning.