This weekend (May 23,24) horseshoe players from all over the island will be attending the Victoria Open at Glanford park.

They will be divided into groups of Men, Ladies, Seniors, and Children, along with further dividing into skill levels. Players will only play against other players of the same skill level.

Play starts at 9am both days and finishes around 4pm. There are morning and afternoon shifts with a lunch hour in between.

Its a great way to see the sport of horseshoes and to also see some very talented players at their game.
Lindsay Hodgins former 2x World Girls Champ , Along with Dalton Moffat 4x Canadian Pee Wee (12 and under) Play.
Also Last years BC Champions Tom Moffat (Mens) and Jerry Melissa (Senior Men) will compete.

All these champions were on the mainland last weekend for the BC International Highwaymen tournament in Abbotsford.

( Jerrry Melissa and Tom Moffat at the BC International tournament)

Tom Moffat (Mens 8-0 with a 55% ringer percentage and high game of 76%)
Jerry Melissa (Seniors 7-1 with a 58% ringer percentage and high game of 70%)
Lindsay Hodgins (Ladies 5-4 with a 58% ringer percentage and high game of 70%)
Dalton Moffat 11 played against opponents up to 18 yrs and had a 28% ringer percentage with a high game of 50%.

But along with these players there are all different levels, with players in their first tournament to seasoned veterans .
Its great fun and good for people interested to come and check it out.

Mens and Ladies leagues are also a great time to come and check it out.
Men play on tuesday and thursday nights at 7pm
and Ladies play on Wednesday night at 7pm



Wilf Nadeau Mens Player of the Week



​Lynn Cousins Ladies Player of the Week