Hannah Bennison

Hannah Bennison of Vernon, B.C., was Canada’s best individual placer (24th) and helped lead the women’s U20 team to a sixth-place finish at today’s International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Cross Country Championships in Kampala, Uganda. Large crowds of fans lined the course and warm temperatures saw the the senior women’s team place 9th, the U20 men’s team finish 15th, and the senior men’s team place 12th.

In the U20 women’s 6km race, Bennison was followed across the finish line by team scorers Brogan MacDougall of Kingston, Ont., (30th), Martha MacDonald of Toronto (32nd) and Hanna Johnston of Thunder Bay, Ont., (52nd). The sixth-place result is the third best team finish for the women’s U20 team in Canadian history. The 1989 and 2008 U20 women’s teams both finished fifth.

The top Canadian finishers in the other races were Kieran Lumb of Vancouver (55th, U20 men); Sasha Gollish of Toronto (41st, senior women); and Trevor Hofbauer of Burnaby, B.C. (71st, senior men).

Canadian results (26 degrees C, 65% humidity)
U20 women (sixth place)
Hannah Bennison, 24th, 20:54
Brogan MacDougall, 30th, 21:08
Martha MacDonald, 32nd, 21:22
Hanna Johnston, 52nd, 22:13
Catherine Beauchemin, 62nd, 22:33
Shona McCulloch, 86th, 24:07

U20 men (15th place)
Kieran Lumb, 55th, 26:21
Jean-Simon Desgagnés, 65th, 26:42
Mitchell Ubene, 78th, 27:21
Andrew Alexander, 84th, 27:27
Graham Baird, 85th, 27:27

Senior women (9th place)
Sasha Gollish, 41th, 35:56
Victoria Coates, 47th, 36:11
Claire Sumner, 52nd, 36:36
Julie-Anne Staehli, 57th, 36:58
Lisa Brooking, 67th, 37:25
Kathryn Harrison, 75th, 37:54

Senior men (12th place)
Trevor Hofbauer, 71st, 31:43
Rory Linkletter, 76th, 31:54
Sami Jibril, 80th, 32:02
Evan Esselink, 88th, 32:24
Nicholas Falk, 101st, 33:12
Thomas Toth, 109th, 33:41