Abdul Muneer

Mixed Martial Artists – they are modern day gladiators, whose sole focus is to either knock out their opponent or beat them into submission. The MMA Indian fighters have already made their mark across the globe with their exemplary skills in the octagon.


While their exteriors are all buff and herculean, some of the fighting personalities have often overcome the most back-breaking challenges to scale professional and personal heights.


Athletes like Abdul Muneer, Mohammed Farhad, Chaitanya Gavali and Gurdarshan Mangat have garnered immense popularity over the years, only after overcoming several hurdles on the personal front. Coming from humble backgrounds, each of these athletes are self-made success stories.


Abdul Muneer, popularly known as Sultan of Calicut by his fans, faced many hardships during his childhood. He started learning Karate at the age of eight. Every day he would walk 10 kms to catch a bus and then a train to attend karate classes. Today, he stands among the MMA elite, with multiple laurels in his kitty and unwavering courage to face any hurdle.


Humble beginnings coupled with a speech disability did not hinder Farhad’s journey to stardom either. Farhad had a speech disorder during his childhood, but he overcame it with sheer determination, without taking any external help. He believes his success in mixed martial arts is because of his never-say-die attitude and the confidence to take on any challenge head on.


Indo-Canadian MMA sensation Gurdarshan Mangat was bullied all through his years in school and was constantly teased for being overweight. He started working out to shed the weight. Over the years, as Gurdarshan got involved in fitness, he discovered his truly calling, Martial Arts! He attributes his mental strength to MMA and believes that it is his mental toughness and not his physical prowess that has brought him all his accolades. Today, Gurdarshan is a fan favourite right from Canada to Chandigarh, for his mean moves in the ring. However, as a 23 year old enamored by the world of MMA, his talent found no takers in his own family. Even when he was close to being disowned by his family, Gurdarshan fought to get his way and achieve his dreams.


Mixed Martial Artists often face a considerable resistance from the society for choosing a rather unconventional and perceivably dangerous career. With their grit and determination, however, they have managed to conquer all these obstacles and emerge winners on the other side. These athletes have now recieved global recognition in the sport through Brave Combat Federation as they are set to compete at the largest Mixed Martial Arts event in Asia!