Brooke Henderson

Psych or psyche? Segue or hook? Robert Drummond or Glenroy Gilbert? We answer the tough questions this week by making fun of ourselves.

Geoff finally caves from his positive views on the BC Lions and rips them a new one. What drove him over the edge? Brendan reviews the Seahawks preseason after they lost their third game. Does he think they can be competitive this season? Speaking of Seattle teams, we break down what the stretch drive may hold for the Mariners. Can they stay in the race, or is it time to trade assets and rebuild? And what’s up with the Whitecaps?

The big story of the week is Brooke Henderson winning the Canadian Open in Regina, cementing her legacy in Canadian golf. Couple this with the early success of tennis players at the US Open, and it’s a golden age for athletes carrying the maple leaf. What are the pressures facing them from the Canadian media and public? How do they really rank in the grand scheme of global sports? Are there different expectations for summer and winter sport athletes? As mentioned, we answer the tough questions. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

Just A Bit Outside – Episode 112