Crosby Stewart was easily the man of the match for the University of Victoria Vikes men’s rugby team who defeated James Bay on Sept.22 by a score of 48-26 at Wallace Field.  Stewart was a hard man to catch as he touched down three tries for the Vikes to help capture a victory on Saturday afternoon.


Despite going a head 12-0 early in the match, James Bay wasn’t able to keep the pressure on the Vikes. The Bays gave up 34 points in the second after holding Victoria to 14 in the first.


“James Bay played well today, having a national team player like Connor Braid really kept them organized and structured,” said Vikes head coach Doug Tate. “There were times when they exposed us on the outside and really put the pressure on us defensively.”


Victoria had a tough time keeping possession of the ball in the first half. Several knock ons and turnovers during set pieces prevented the Vikes from sustaining any type of pressure on James Bay. It took until the second half for the Vikes to get back to their game plan.


“Stewart did some amazing stuff for us once we settled down in the second half,” said Tate. “He showed off his speed and his ability to escape the defenders around the ruck.”


The Vikes started the game on the back foot, conceding two early tries to James Bay to put themselves down 12-0 within the first 10 minutes. Victoria had a difficult time keeping possession of the ball throughout the first half but did manage to capitalize on a few mistakes made by James Bay. Ollie Nott and Crosby Stewart each scored once in the first half for the Vikes. However, a try scored on the last play of the half by James Bay put Victoria down 19-14 at the break.


Victoria stepped up their play in the second half. Stewart scored early in the second half to put the Vikes up again 21-19.  The Vikes would get tries from Tyler Rockwell, Nick Carson and a third from Stewart to propel the home side to an eventual 48-26 victory over James Bay.


Up next, the Vikes will head to the mainland for a match against Burnaby Lake on Sept. 29.



1st      2nd       F
VIC:       14        34       48
JBAA:   19        7         26



Crosby Stewart (3T), Gradyn Bowd (5C, 1PG), Ollie Nott (1T), Tyler Rockwell (1T), Nick Carson (1T), Corben Bowen (1T)