Just A Bit Outside – Episode 120

You know why we are the premier sports podcast? Because we are real, and this show is no different. The World Series is upon us, featuring a pair sure to make MLB happy with Boston and Los Angeles. We look at how these two teams matchup, and make our predictions – one of us has to be right… right?

How about those BC Lions? Left for dead at the halfway point of the season, they clinched a playoff spot with a huge win over Edmonton. What has spawned the resurgence? Will they fare better if they are the crossover team? Should there even be a crossover team?

The Canucks are starting to face some challenges in this young season, as the injury bug strikes again. Is the team worth watching if players like Petey aren’t playing? Would you rather watch the Utica Comets? We discuss the notion of moving the team closer to Vancouver, and if the Comets are being properly run. What do you expect from a minor league team? All this and some more real moments, plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!