The Eves of Destruction’s A-Team fought hard in their 2019 Season debut, and were able to beat their projected outcomes against the Bellingham Roller Betties of Bellingham, WA and the Dockyard Derby Dames of Tacoma, WA; taking the win in both games. The Betties game was a nail-biter for fans who were firmly cheering for Bellingham, but ended in a 212-184 win for the visiting A-Team. The second closed-door game against Dockyard ended in a decisive 192-120 win for the Eves A-Team.

A-Team Co-Captain Tina F. Lawless says she is proud of the team’s hard work over the off-season:

“We played 2 challenging games over the weekend. First games of the season are always a bit stressful, but I am so thrilled that we were able to take what we’ve been working on and apply it directly to our game play. We were able to play some tight defence to shut down opposing jammers, and our deep jammer rotation always makes for some great scoring opportunities.”

MVP Jammer Awards went to Femme Fatality and Hot Piece-a-Sass. MVP Blocker Awards went to Banshee and Tina F. Lawless.

The A-Team is back at it again February 16 at the Big LeBoutski Tournament in Ridgefield, WA. Roller Derby returns to Victoria on April 6th for the 2019 Home Opener tournament Capital City Chaos. Games open to the public will feature the Hard Cores vs The Brass Knuckle Derby Dames from Duncan, BC and the A-Team vs Sitka Sound Slayers of Sitka, Alaska. Doors open at 5pm.