Match-ups for the 2019 Canadian Championship will be announced 12 February following a Draw to determine the competition schedule. The competition will feature 24 games over five rounds including three Qualifying Rounds, the Semi-Final and Final.

The Draw will determine the Qualifying Round 1 match-ups for teams entering that round on 15 and 22 May, as well as the subsequent round match-ups to produce the pathway to the Canadian Championship Final Round scheduled for 18 and 25 September.

“The continued expansion of the Canadian Championship is a testament to the growth and professionalization of the sport of soccer in our country,” said Canada Soccer General Secretary Peter Montopoli. “We look forward to welcoming the debutant Canadian Premier League clubs and Vaughan Azzurri to the competition and to the returning clubs as they strive to gain access to the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup.”

The Draw will be conducted to place each round’s entrants into a home and away series denoted by a match number. Qualifying Round 1 (QR1) will feature match numbers one through three, Qualifying Round 2 (QR2) will feature match numbers four through six, Qualifying Round 3 (QR3) will feature match numbers seven through nine, the Semi-Final Round features match numbers ten and eleven with match number twelve being the Final.

In QR1, champions from League1 Ontario and Première Ligue de soccer du Québec will not be drawn into the same match number.

After QR1 matchups are set, and subject to facility availability, the seeded teams from Qualifying Round 2 onwards will host the second leg.

Qualifying Round 1 (QR1) – 15 & 22 May

  • Qualifying Round 1 will feature six clubs drawn to determine match-ups.
  • Teams entering: Vaughan Azzurri, AS Blainville, Cavalry FC, HFX Wanderers FC, Pacific FC York9 FC,
  • Match numbers in QR1: 1, 2, and 3

Qualifying Round 2 (QR2) – 5 & 12 June

  • Qualifying Round 2 will feature FC Edmonton, Forge FC, and Valour FC drawn against QR1 winners of Matches 1 through 3.
  • Match numbers in QR2: 4, 5, and 6

Qualifying Round 3 (QR3) – 10 & 24 July

  • Qualifying Round 3 will feature Ottawa Fury FC, Montreal Impact FC, and Vancouver Whitecaps FC drawn against the winners of QR2 Matches 4, 5 and 6.
  • Match numbers in QR3: 7, 8, and 9

Semi-Final Round – 7 & 14 August

  • In the Semi-Final Round, Toronto FC will be drawn into either match 10 or match 11 and will face one of the QR3 winners with the other two QR3 winners completing the Semi-Final match-up.
  • Match numbers in the Semi-Final: 10, and 11

Final Round – 18 & 25 September

  • For the Final Round, as in previous years, the highest seeded team has the opportunity to select which leg it wishes to play at home.
  • Match number for the Final: 12