The Nanaimo Clippers and Sunfest Country Music Festival are partnering together to bring an action packed Game 4 of the Island Division Semi-Finals which happens Tuesday, March 5th at Frank Crane Arena.

“We are excited to be partnering with Sunfest to bring Country Night to Frank Crane Arena!” menionted Tali Campbell, Director, Business Operations for the Clippers “We feel like this is a fitting theme as Aaron Pritchett will also be singing the National Anthem.”

The Clippers will be giving away tickets to the upcoming Sunfest Country Music Festival which happens August 1-4 with headliner Jason Aldean.

“Sunfest Country Music Festival is thrilled to sponsor Country Night for the Clippers Game 4 of the Playoffs on Tuesday night. “ said Holly Dias, Marketing and PR Manager, Wideglide Entertainment “We are also excited that Sunfest alumni, Aaron Pritchett, will open the game with the national anthem.”