As Canada celebrates the one-year anniversary of the conclusion of its best-ever Paralympic Winter Games, the Canadian Paralympic Committee is looking to add a new member to the team going forward – an official mascot.

Starting today, the public can voice their opinion on three potential mascot options. The three possibilities are quintessentially Canadian animals: grolar bear, arctic fox, and beaver. Each animal exhibits character traits that would make them an excellent representative of Canada’s Paralympians, such as perseverance, adaptability, determination, strength, and courage.

Polling will be taking place online via for the next month.

“Everybody loves a fun mascot, and it’s exciting the Canadian Paralympic Team will finally have one to support us and cheer us on at the Games,” said Aurelie Rivard, a five-time Paralympic medallist in swimming and Canada’s Closing Ceremony flag bearer at Rio 2016. “Mascots can definitely help with team morale and give a sense of belonging. I hope everyone votes for their favourite choice, and I can’t wait to see which animal is the winner!”

In addition to the online poll, the Canadian Paralympic Committee will be seeking the opinions of young students through schools outreach. Elementary school teachers can download a booklet featuring mascot colouring pages where children can colour in their favourite mascot. The booklet includes stories on each mascot, Para sport trivia questions, and an activity suggestion to teach their students about the Paralympics. By submitting their classroom’s choice, teachers can enter to have the mascot visit their school alongside a Paralympic athlete.

The winning mascot will be revealed later this year and will join the Canadian team ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The polling period ends April 18.

For more information on each of the three mascot options and to select your choice, please visit: