Ian Klitsie:

We are very grateful that Simon underwent, and had a successful heart transplant yesterday.
Simon had a good night, and today we wait to hear when his kidney transplant will take place.
From his wife Kelly Keith,
We are so very grateful and blessed at this opportunity to share many more years together as a family. While it is incredibly bittersweet as one family lost a treasured loved one, we are and always will be humbled by the generosity of strangers. Please know, we will always pay it forward and ensure that organ donation becomes the norm and saves as many lives as possible.
Thank you !!! to everyone that has reached out, the over whelming love and support is unbelievable, but I ask at this time, please don’t contact the Keith family directly, and respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.
I will update you soon, and thank you,
Ian Klitsie