Elimination diets seem to be common practice by many health practitioners these days, from Naturopaths, to Functional MD’s, to Holistic Nutritionists and even mainstream General Practitioner doctors.

But what’s the purpose and why should you consider trying one?  Many people are struggling with chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation and joint pain, brain fog, allergies, gas, bloating and GERD, as well as other digestive health challenges and a food elimination diet can help you pinpoint the exact foods that may be triggering your symptoms.

Food sensitivities are on the rise along with the symptoms that go with them.  More and more people are struggling with leaky gut (what’s that you say?) and food sensitivities are just another symptom of an unhealthy digestive system.

Check out my blog post on Why You Should Try an Elimination Diet to learn exactly why you might want to try this and find out the exact steps you need to take to do this properly to determine if you have a food sensitivity that is at the core of your health challenges.

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Why You Should Try an Elimination Diet