Today the British Columbia Football Conference released the 2019 schedule. The conference will again play a 10 game fully interlocking schedule that will see each of the 6 clubs match up home and away against each other.


The season kicks off Saturday, August 3rd with 3 games and wraps up the weekend of Oct 19/20 with 2 Saturday tilts and 1 Sunday afternoon matchup.


The Play-offs will begin the weekend of Oct 26/27 with a pair of semi-final games pitting 4th place at 1st place and 3rd place visiting the 1st place finisher. The Cullen Cup BCFC championship will take place the first weekend in November at the home of the highest remining seed.


This year the BCFC championships will host the winner of the PFC/OFC national semi-final in the Canadian Bowl at the home stadium of the BCFC champion on Saturday, November 16th


For more information on the British Columbia Football Conference, visit our website or follow our social media channels.


See you at our the first game of the season August 3rd when the Valley Huskers host the Westshore Rebels!



1Sat, Aug 32PMWestshoreValleyExhibition Stadium
 Sat, Aug 34PMVancouver IslandLangleyMacleod Athletic Park
 Sat, Aug 37PMKamloopsOkanaganApple Bowl
2Sat, Aug 106PMLangleyKamloopsHillside Stadium
 Sat, Aug 107PMOkanaganValleyExhibition Stadium
 Sat, Aug 107PMVancouver IslandWestshoreWesthills Stadium
3Sat, Aug 172PMKamloopsVancouver IslandCaledonia Park
 Sat, Aug 175PMValleyLangleyMacleod Athletic Park
 Sat, Aug 177PMWestshoreOkanaganApple Bowl
4Sat, Aug 243PMOkanaganVancouver IslandCaledonia Park
 Sat, Aug 244PMWestshoreLangleyMacleod Athletic Park
 Sat, Aug 246PMValleyKamloopsHillside Stadium
5Sat, Sept 76PMWestshoreKamloopsHillside Stadium
 Sun, Sept 81PMLangleyOkanaganApple Bowl
 Sun, Sept 82PMVancouver IslandValleyExhibition Stadium
6Sat, Sept 142PMLangleyVancouver IslandCaledonia Park
 Sat, Sept 146PMOkanaganKamloopsHillside Stadium
 Sun, Sept 151PMValleyWestshoreWesthills Stadium
7Sat, Sept 214PMLangleyWestshoreWesthills Stadium
 Sat, Sept 216PMVancouver IslandKamloopsHillside Stadium
 Sun, Sept 221PMValleyOkanaganApple Bowl
8Sat, Sept 281PMWestshoreVancouver IslandCaledonia Park
 Sat, Sept 285PMOkanaganLangleyMacleod Athletic Park
 Sat, Sept 287PMKamloopsValleyExhibition Stadium
9Sat, Oct 54PMKamloopsWestshoreWesthills Stadium
 Sat, Oct 57PMLangleyValleyExhibition Stadium
 Sun, Oct 61PMVancouver IslandOkanaganApple Bowl
10Sat, Oct 191PMValleyVancouver IslandCaledonia Park
 Sat, Oct 195PMKamloopsLangleyMacleod Athletic Park
 Sun, Oct 20 1PMOkanaganWestshoreWesthills Stadium