Jordan Dean, 16, is the youngest player on the 2019 Team Canada roster. She is a defence player who grew up involved in hockey and lacrosse.


With a father who played lacrosse and who played hockey in the OHL, it was natural for Jordan to take up those sports as well. Jordan started playing box lacrosse before transitioning to field lacrosse with the Oshawa Lady Blue Knights. During her seven years with the team, they have won provincials every year. She also played with Team Ontario, winning the Brogden Cup twice in the U17 division.


She also plays lacrosse with her high school. With her school team, she has won two provincial OFSAA silver medals.


“An amazing experience that I had was in this past lacrosse season a couple of my teammates along with my coaches went on a road trip to watch the NCAA finals. We made a lot of memories and it was so cool to witness to such a high level of play,” said Jordan.


“Making Team Canada, as many would say, is a dream come true. You don’t often get the opportunity to represent your country so it’s something very special,” Jordan shared.


Jordan can be spotted on the field wearing number 11. It’s her favourite number, and the number that she has worn throughout her lacrosse career. Although, on the field, you will never hear her being called Jordan by her teammates. “Jo” or “Deaner” is the name you will hear her referred to in lacrosse.


“When playing lacrosse, I enjoy moving the ball up the field fast in transition, having everyone touch the ball starting with the goalie and ending up in the net, with no settled offence,” said Jordan.


“My goals in lacrosse are to be recruited for a scholarship in the states. As of right now I want to go to school to become an anesthesiologist or radiologist, but definitely go into medicine.”


As a student going into grade 11, Jordan’s main focus right now is Worlds.


“When it comes to Worlds, I am most excited to stand on the field and sing to our national anthem together as a team, and obviously play at an extremely high level as well,” said Jordan.