Tammy Kovaluk Rise Ranch Challenge

A Victoria native currently residing in Bend, Oregon, I am very excited to bring one of my races “back home!”

I left my home and home country in 2014 to further my career as a sport conditioning coach and race director. It was certainly with a heavy heart, leaving close friends and my athletes behind. Including Belmont Bulldogs football team (I was strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and asst WR coach).  At the time, I was finishing my MS in Kinesiology and Sport Conditioning, while beginning to race as an elite Spartan Obstacle Course racer.

Rise Ranch Challenge
Rise Ranch Challenge

Being in the US has been beneficial in terms of research, having raced elite in various obstacle course events. I have podiumed in the Spartan Circuit, including 2nd elite master’s female/10th elite female overall in the 50km Spartan ultra-beast world’s in Tahoe. This year, I was the overall winner (including men) for the 12 hour grueling West Coast SUCK race and am currently training for the 36 hour Ultimate SUCK; deemed one of the most grueling fitness competitions in the nation.

Tammy Kovaluk Rise Ranch Challenge
Tammy Kovaluk Rise Ranch Challenge

Seeing both sides, including races who have become ‘corporate’ and races who have copied others, it became even more-clear of what troubled me and what inspired me. It became more obvious to stay true to my heart, no matter what others are doing within the industry. To hold grass-roots, unique races. Events that emphasize team work, community, and camaraderie. Events with obstacles and challenges based upon integrity, real tasks, and Real Life. Not just throwing things out there to make you tired, but to challenge you with a purpose behind it. That is how I coach, how I train athletes, and it felt right to hold races with this mindset.

Tammy Kovaluk Rise Ranch Challenge
Tammy Kovaluk Rise Ranch Challenge

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In 2016, I founded Rise Challenge Events. Rise Challenge Events is a series of themed obstacle course races. Spending my early years on a farm was an inspiration for the Rise Ranch Series. How I personally train and working with military and first responders, inspired the Rise Troops Challenge. All races have options for both individuals and teams. The team option includes some team tasks, emphasize team work, and you must race and finish together. Besides the team option, our events empower and brings the community together. It is not uncommon to see previous competitors going back out to cheer others on, including those they just met at the race. Or seeing those who were strangers at the start, decide to race and finish together.

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All races support a local non-profit that I believe in to match our theme.
The Rise Ranch Challenge, in Victoria on October 19, 2019, will support Mary’s Farm and Blossoming at the Farm. This race will feature Ranch and Farm-inspired obstacles and challenges within a beautiful ranch setting that boasts a mixture of beauty and adventure at a Farm Sanctuary. Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary is a privately owned organization that offers Mindfulness and Horses group sessions, Equine Guided Learning, and Natural Horsemanship. Blossoming at The Farm is a non-profit society that offers therapeutic services and educational programming for children and youth.

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These events are much greater than physical fitness. With so much disconnect, seeing the community come together, making a difference in our own backyard, and the changing of lives within a few hours…is worth all the effort. Our courses are meant to be challenging in a good way, but doable for anyone. No gimmicks, no tricks.

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A Few obstacles and challenges you may face within 4-5kms:
Hay Bale pyramid
Hay Bale hurdles
Farmer bucket carry
Going over fences / walls
Steer roping challenge (simulated, not with live animals)
Tire flips

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Registration Fees – Use Code RANCH15 by August 19th for 10% off PLUS 10% will be donated to Mary’s Farm

Team Challenge
$59 per participant
*You do not all have to sign up at once. Once the team is created, your friends can join.

Individual Challenge
$69 single participant

Lil’ Buckaroos Kids Challenge
$25 per child

*unlike other obstacle course races in the industry, we do not charge extra for insurance, bag check, or spectator fees.

I hope you will join us on October 19th at Mary’s Farm! Please feel free to contact me
[email protected] for any questions or comments.