The rosters for the Canadian Men’s Senior Field Lacrosse Team and the Canadian Women’s Senior Field Lacrosse Team that will be attending the Fall Classic have been announced. These two highly skilled teams will be playing multiple games over the upcoming weekend against Team USA and the NCAA Division I champion teams in Baltimore, Maryland.


Lax Sports Net will be streaming all of the games for free for fans to watch Canada and the US face off from Oct. 18-20.


“We are at the beginning stages of a new process for the men’s team, building towards the World Games in 2021 and the World Championships in 2022,” said Randy Mearns, head coach of the Canadian Men’s Field Lacrosse Team.


“It’s not a secret that our player pool is extremely deep and only gets deeper with each passing year.  That’s very exciting for Canada Lacrosse. For this event, we put together a younger roster for the Fall Classic and as a staff, we are looking forward to working, interacting and competing with this group as we start our new evaluation process this weekend.”


On Friday Oct. 18, the Canadian women’s team will be playing the U.S. at 6 p.m. and the Canadian men’s team will be playing the U.S. at 8 p.m. At 9 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 19, the Canadian women’s team will face the University of Maryland’s women’s team. Later that day the Canadian men’s team will play the University of Virginia’s men’s team at 4:30 p.m. On Sunday, Canada and the U.S. will participate in exhibition games played by the new World Lacrosse trial rules.


“We are excited to begin our selection process playing against the world champions and the NCAA champions,” said Scott Teeter, head coach of the Canadian Women’s Field Lacrosse Team. “Any time that we get to play high caliber teams, it is great for our development and evaluation of current senior national team players, plus recent NCAA graduates and current NCAA players.”


The Fall Classic comes after the announcement of Crysti Foot’s retirement from the national team. Foot has been a valued member of the Canadian National Team program since 2005.


Canadian Men’s Team Roster:
Canadian Women’s Team Roster: