Bobby Wagner via Twitter

(On having Marshawn Lynch back on the team)  “It was definitely huge. I ran into Marshawn [Lynch] last night. It was fun to see his face, fun talking to him, same thing with Turb [Turbin]. I’ve been around Turb since college. To see those guys back in the building is definitely pretty cool. I’m excited to see those guys run the ball again and we’ll go from there.”


(On how Marshawn Lynch is a different person since he was last with the team)  “I think naturally you mature with age. You go away, like you said, he’s traveled, seen a lot, done a lot, been in Oakland a little bit. It seems like he’s in a different country every single time I text him. I think he’s experienced a lot, and he has a lot of knowledge to give to everybody in the room.”


(On if Marshawn Lynch can still be the same player he was when he was last with the Seahawks)  “I feel like anything this dude puts his mind to, he can get it done. I’m excited to have him back, excited to see him run the ball. Like I said, whenever he puts his jersey and pads on, he’s a guy that no one wants to tackle. No matter how long he’s taken off.”


(On what his presence does for the locker room)  “Definitely gives the team a little bit of energy. To see a guy like that, a guy that people look up to, a guy that has so much history here, so much history throughout the league, – not just on the field, but off the field – and to have a guy like that come into the room, and watch him run the ball again will be fun.”


(On if he could have the same impact on guys who didn’t play with him)  “Definitely, because a lot of the guys that didn’t play with him, either were young, or in the league around the same time, and they watched. I’m pretty sure you wanted a chance to experience what that felt like in the locker room. Same thing goes with like a [Richard] Sherman, a Kam [Chancellor], an Earl [Thomas]. When you play with guys like that, and that impact, you want to be around those guys. Whether it’s in the locker room or on the street, you want to understand what that feeling was like and how they impact people.”


(On how he would describe Marshawn Lynch)  “I don’t know. You can’t describe him in one word. I definitely need a dictionary. He’s an amazing guy. A quiet guy sometimes, but sometimes not so quiet. He likes music, different kinds of music. The North California guys, they like different kind of music than So Cal. He’s very humble at times. He has so much knowledge to pass on to you if you let him. He’s very strong, a hard worker. He’s a guy that you can catch working out at all times of the night. He’s a guy that you can learn from, a guy you can really learn a lot from on and off the field.”


(On how much the defense feeds off of Marshawn Lynch’s energy as a ball carrier)  “We feed off it a lot. Watching him run the ball and you see some of the defensive players you look up to get ran over by him, it definitely sends some energy into the building. You see him break a long run after four or five tackles is pretty dope. I’m pretty sure he can do that again.”


(On what it’s been like for him going up against Sherman and if it’s different for him this time around)  “Not really. It’s cool. Like I said, you never want to lose because he’s the type of guy that rubs it in your face. He’s like my brother. You never want your brother to win, even though I’m the bigger brother because I’m bigger than him. It’s fun. It was weird to see him in a red jersey at first, but it’s fun playing against him. Seeing him out there healthy, doing the thing that he loves, taking care of his family, still impacting the community no matter where he’s at. It’s fun to see.”