Photo by Rebecca Connop Price

The first six draws have been played and now the frontrunners have emerged at the 2020 BC Junior Curling Championships.


Team Sato and Team Colwell are both undefeated in Junior Men’s play, but it won’t stay that way for long. They will meet at 2pm today and the result will help determine the top playoff position.

Photo by Rebecca Connop Price
Photo by Rebecca Connop Price

Meanwhile in women’s play, Team Buchy and Team Taylor sit with a 4-1 records with two more round robin games to play. Team Daniels has a 3-1 record, with only one defeat (against Team Buchy) and play at 2pm today.


Team Taylor, representing Royal City and Tunnel Town curling clubs, are excited about being in the playoff hunt. Skip Jensen Taylor said: “We have been lucky with some of our games and the other teams have missed shots. But we have also been forcing them to make tough shots.”


Jensen, from Vancouver, said the strategy going forward was to keep things simple.

Photo by Rebecca Connop Price
Photo by Rebecca Connop Price

Meredith Cole, who plays third on Team Taylor and lives in Tsawwassen, said: “I think we have been playing really well. We have been able to make the shots when it counts.”


The 2020 BC Junior Curling Championships are taking place at Victoria Curling Club and will run until Jan. 2.


It is an exciting year for BC teams because the top Junior Women’s team and the two top Junior Men’s teams will represent BC at national championships taking place in Langley. The junior men were offered that second berth as a result of Nunavut withdrawing from the competition. The New Holland Canadian Junior Curling Championships takes place from Jan. 18-26, 2020, at the George Preston Recreation Centre and Langley Curling Club.


2020 BC Junior Curling Championships Photo by Rebecca Connop Price


Full team rosters:


Junior Men:


Team Sato, Royal City

Skip: Hayato Sato

Third: Matthew McCrady

Second: Joshua Miki

Lead: Jacob Umbach

Coaches: Bryan Miki/Brent Pierce


Team Ballard, Langley

Skip: Dawson Ballard
Third: Rhett Hildenbrandt
Second: Brandon Reimer
Lead: Sam Husdon
Coach: Dan Wenzek


Team Carpenter, Tunnel Town

Skip: Brayden Carpenter
Third: Connor Deane
Second: Mack Ellis
Lead: Troy Cowan
Coach: Greg Deane


Team Tao, Richmond/Vancouver/Port Moody

Skip: Johnson Tao
Third: Toby Mills
Second: Connor Kent
Lead: Michael Nunn
Coach: Vic Shimizu


Team Colwell, Vernon/Kamloops/Grand Forks

Skip: Erik Colwell
Third: Mitchell Kopytko
Second: Ben Morin
Lead: Logan Miron
Coach: Dale Hofer/Chad Kopytko


Team Parkinson, Nanaimo/Parksville/Comox Valley

Skip: Chris Parkinson
Third: Matthew Davies
Second: Christian Klein-Beekman
Lead: Connor Litton
Coach: Evan Leek


Team Reed, Golden Ears Winter Club/Royal City

Skip: Thomas Reed

Third: Kazune Eugene Fei

Second: Adam Fenton

Lead: Matthew Fenton

Coach: Fuji Miki/Brad Fenton


Team Marr, Kamloops

Skip: Colorado Marr

Third: Bryan Yamada

Second: Zander Landygo

Lead: Connor Rafferty

Coach: Brenda Nordin


Junior Women:


Team Daniels, Delta Thistle

Skip: Sarah Daniels

Third: Sarah Loken

Second: Hannah Lindner

Lead: Jordan Henson

Coach: Katie Witt


Team Taylor, Tunnel Town/Royal City

Skip: Jensen Taylor
Third: Meredith Cole
Second: Keira McCoy
Lead: Chelsea Taylor
Coach: Chris Summers


Team Bowles, Delta Thistle/Victoria

Skip: Elizabeth Bowles
Third: Kayla Wilson
Second: Hailey Dubois
Lead: Sasha Wilson
Coach: Todd Troyer


Team Calhoun, Kamloops

Skip: Maeve Calhoun
Third: Neave Calhoun
Second: Kate Hancock
Lead: Kaitlyn Garrett
Coach: Nicky Hancock


Team Hafeli, Kamloops

Skip: Holly Hafeli
Third: Hannah O’Neil
Second: Jorja Kopytko
Lead: Natalie Hafeli
Coach: Monica Makar


Team Douglas, Gibsons/Duncan/Victoria

Skip: Rebecca Douglas
Third: Brooke Reintjes
Second: Delaena Reintjes
Lead: Bella Higdon
Coach: Dave Douglas


Team Richards, Comox Valley/Port Moody

Skip: Gracelyn Richards
Third: Keelie Duncan
Second: Bryn Woloshyn
Lead: Kate Eisner
Coach: Darren Richards/Adam Duncan/Penny Shantz


Team Buchy, Kimberley/Kelowna/Vernon

Skip: Kaila Buchy

Third: Jaelyn Cotter

Second: Katelyn McGillivray

Lead: Cassidy Schwaerzle

Fifth: Samantha Mclaren

Coaches: Tom Buchy/Jim Cotter