“Really pleased with this game going back and looking at it. A lot of really good things happened in that we played all night long and didn’t give up a touchdown on defense. We played really good on third down. Played really good red zone defense. Just did some good things. There are some areas obviously where we can play better. Really like the pass rush on defense and the whole thing led to some really good come through series and sequences to give ourselves a chance to win the football game. On the other side of the ball, third downs again really impacting part of this game and allowed us to get the next look and the next big play opportunity and we were able to take advantage of it. The execution was good, but it took some real playmaking from Russell [Wilson] running the football as well as making his plays, moving to throw the ball. Guys came through really well. We’re not good enough running the football. Not nearly to our standards. We had to make it happen other ways which was great that the catchers and the thrower came through really well. It was really another good clear statement of playing on the road. It’s a difficult situation. The conditions were not as drastic as they were the time before. The wind just seemed to die down a little bit and wasn’t as much of a factor. The throwing and catching showed that I think. We come out of that game with a real good thought about going on the road. We know obviously we’re going again and it’s huge that we get organized and put together a great game. There’s no tougher place to play than going to Green Bay. We’re as ready as you can get. I like that. Our guys feel good about that, too, so we’re going to try to make the most of it. All in all, we came out pretty clean of the game. Pretty healthy. Still don’t know about a couple guys. Don’t know about Ziggy [Ansah] right now at this point. Don’t know about the guys that missed the game going forward to this week. I can’t tell you much about those guys until we get into this week, but I’m sure you’ll ask. Going to Green Bay. Here we go.”


(On throwing for 325 yards but having a hard time running the ball and the importance of being able to balance between the two)  “It’s always been that. Hopefully, we don’t want to just run the football. We want to do everything. If you don’t really go for the commitment in the running game, it’s hard to ever get it. In situations where you’re not finding the running game available, we still kept trying to keep the rhythm going and balanced it out pretty well. It did give Russ a chance to really work the play action stuff and he was able to find the space he needed to make plays. I thought he played an incredibly good game and took advantage of the opportunities. It does fit off one off the other. Sometimes the weather is such that you can’t throw it and that’s why you’ve got to have the running game and you have to be committed to it to have it available when the time comes. That’s the whole point, yes.”


(On why they weren’t able to run the ball)  “They’re really good. They did really well. They loaded it up. They took a lot of shots at us. They brought guys off the edge to try to stop the running game. They’ve been a real committed run team all year. They gave up 90 yards a game rushing all season long, so they’re really good at it. We weren’t able to counter it like we had thought. We thought we’d put the ball in the perimeter a little bit on them and try to balance them out, but we didn’t get much out of that either. That’s just the way it went.”


(On Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Carson Wentz)  “He hit him in the back of the head, but he wasn’t trying to hurt him or anything. That just happened. It’s football and unfortunately, he got banged. Hate that he didn’t get to play the game. I don’t know. I don’t know why there’s much discussion about it. I mean, the guy is chasing, and he dove on the guy and hit him. It’s unfortunate.”


(On Mike Iupati playing some with the stinger and if it had gotten worse before the game)  “Yeah, exactly. He had a few episodes the week before. Just didn’t quiet down in time. It has quieted down when he’s had the episodes in the past. He’s still symptomatic today. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen this week. I thought Jamarco [Jones] did a nice job though, particularly in pass protection. He held up really well and he came through for us. That’s a couple times. He had a big game earlier in the year. A couple big games at guard on the other side. Shows really good versatility and really good smarts. He played hard a tough and did a nice job particularly in the throwing game.”


(On George Fant’s game)  “George did good. He had a real nice game. He seems to be very comfortable now. There’re only a couple times as it happens when he got in bad position. Other than that, he really played a good solid football game again and held up his part of it.”


(On the plan with Duane Brown)  “I can’t tell you until we get him back out here. He’s doing some stuff with the guys right now. I don’t have any updated information for you. We’re trying to see if he can get back.”


(On what stood out about the pass rush)  “Jadeveon Clowney was really a factor. Everybody worked and everybody contributed. Again, his activity just adds to the factor and we’ve seen that before. He had a really good football game, run and pass. I think that’s clearly what happened. You saw everybody was active. I think if there’s one thing though, I think his impact was really noticeable.”


(On if he knows how Clowney is doing today after the game)  “So far, he’s okay. It sounds like, the report I just got is that he’s playing this week. He’ll be alright to make it. We’ll have to manage him throughout the week.”


(On how the running backs played)  “I thought they hit it. We didn’t get much space and we allowed penetration from them. I thought those guys did fine. Marshawn [Lynch] made it through again where he felt fine. Hoping that he’ll be more involved at this point forward.”


(On Bradley McDougald’s performance)  “Oh, he played a really good game. You guys were on it. You knew better than I did coming out of watching it. He was really active in a number of ways. Off the edge tackling was really good. Made good solid tackles in open field. Everything he did was really on point. Couple tackles for loss, sack and all that. Covered [Zach] Ertz a good part of the game. The one big catch that Zach gets, that was a zone that he wasn’t part of covering him up. It was a really good matchup for us, and he came through well.”


(On what stood out to him about DK Metcalf)  “The blocking was really obvious. He had probably three or four down field blocks that were significant in the game. D Mo’s [David Moore] comes to mind. He had one on I think Russ’ run. He had one on the flat route that Marshawn turned up. He was just a monster out there. He played really, really well. I don’t know how much he’s talking about it, but he didn’t play the game he wanted to play last time we were there. It was important to him to put that to rest. He was very competitive about it. Did a nice job.”


(On how important it is to Metcalf to do all of the little things well)  “He really does care. He wants to be on special teams. He wants to rush the punter. He’s tapping us on the shoulder all the time, what more can I do? He really does take pride in all aspects of it. Part of it is he knows that he’s capable. He knows he can help. He knows he can do stuff. He knows he can be a good blocker. He could be as good of blocker as anybody that’s ever played, and he knows that. He wants to go for it and try to be everything that’s out there for him. You love it about the guy. He’s just getting going. There are so many aspects to the blocking game that he’ll get better at over time. The recognition and technique wise. Physically, he’s capable of doing all of it, but there’s still a lot to learn there. He is so willing that he’s going to be great at it.”


(On if he expects Jaron Brown to return this week)  “Yes. It was not an injury. This was a family situation. I understand he’s back already. He’ll be back in the meetings today, so he should be fine. This week going forward, he should be okay.”


(On his assessment of Cody Barton’s performance)  “He did a nice job. I think he had five tackles and a couple pass defensed. A sack. Just seemed much more comfortable and more active. It was great to see that. It only makes sense that he’s got to get out there and get some reps, get some work and get comfortable. We know he’s a really talented kid and he’s got a lot to offer us. He played a good football game.”


(On if Quandre Diggs frees up McDougald’s responsibilities)  “Not really. Not technically, in terms of he’s going to play this position differently. I think the conversations that they have, the work that they do during the week adds to their confidence and their belief of what’s going on and what’s happening. I think their communication as they break the huddle, there’s subtle communications. I’ve heard on the practice field, I can hear Quandre calling out routes. He’s telling Bradley what’s coming as it’s happening as Bradley’s seeing it, too. It just reaffirms and allows you to play more confidently, more committed. I think that’s an example of how some guys help other guys play better. They help people around them play well. I’m sure Bradley does that for Q [Quinton Jefferson] also, in both directions. I think we saw a little bit positive there again.”


(On the kind of asset Diggs will be with his experience against the Packers)  “He has been out there with this guy a lot. He’s seen the quarterback. He’s seen way more than we have over the years, recently so. It will be valuable. It will be valuable like in the meeting room, he’s talking in there analyzing. They’re looking at stuff and his experience and all that. I’m sure he’ll have a lot to offer.”


(On Bobby Wagner getting first team All-Pro for the fifth time and the most in franchise history)   “That’s amazing. That’s an amazing stat. that’s recognition in a really broad sense that you’re the best of the best. What a great recognition for him. He’s been such a fantastic player for us. So consistent and so rock solid at everything. Every aspect. I mean, he’s just everything. He’s on his way. He’s on his way to going to the Hall of Fame some day and this is the stuff that you do that puts you in line for that stuff. It’s a joy to coach a guy like that.”


(On Wagner’s leadership)  “All I can tell you is he does everything. He does it by living a great example. Living great. Family guy. Takes care of his girl daughter in a great fashion. Just exemplifies what you want. In the community, he’s extraordinary. Everybody loves him. He’s true blue and straight forward. You know what you’re getting, and you know who you’re dealing with. He’s an extraordinary man and that carries over to all his football as well. He does everything in exemplary fashion. We’re just lucky we got him.”


(On the impact of not having their extra blocker with Fant and Jamarco Jones starting)  “It’s a factor. It’s a factor. We’ve been counting on that. We love that part of our game. We didn’t have that. It’s a difference. We’re playing with some new guys. There are a lot of new guys out there. When you lose some aspects of your game, you’re not sure what the factor is going to be. It didn’t help us to not have that. I know that. We love that part of our game. I think I might have said to you guys that Philly has a good way of defending when you play with an extra lineman. They have some thoughts and stuff that they do really well. It might not have been as big of a part of the plan anyway, but we still missed it. We still would’ve used George playing tight end. Being 325 pounds at tight end, there’s a factor there and we’ve learned that.”


(On the two pass interference calls on Tre Flowers)  “They were really just incidental calls. He’s running with the guy. He’s all over him. He just got a little grabby. They stood out. I see why they called them. They didn’t need to happen. He was in great position and he just got a little antsy when the ball was coming down which he’s been really good about it. In those two instances, those were the big plays in the game really for them. Those were like two big bombs that they hit. Hit nothing up top on us, but those two plays really changed the field position and gave them the chance to get in the scoring zone.”


(On if he notices defenses playing them differently with Lynch back)  “It’s too early to tell. We haven’t had enough reps to know, but they should. You think they would. Just look at the way he ran on the goal line. It’s a wonderful factor to have. Chris Carson was very much the same. They knew that he was going to get the football in those situations. They knew that Marshawn is going to get the football in those situations. They’re coming after you. So, you have to do the things to keep them honest. That was a beautiful part of the game plan to hit the third and short. The execution was perfect, and it was a big play for us. We scored right after that, too, which was great. Like I said, Marshawn will play more He’s going to play more this week. He’s ready to and he’s had enough time with us. He feels confident about what he’s doing and the plan. We can get him in and out of there and have those tow guys really go at it.”


(On if they planned to ramp up Marshawn Lynch’s carries all along)  “We’re really pleased that he’s able to take the additional reps. He feels great. He’s doing fine. I don’t feel like it was planned. They have great wisdom. We were taking this one day at a time. It’s been nothing but positive. It’s been such a positive experience. A great choice by John [Schneider] to get this thing worked out. Give credit to Marshawn for the way he’s attacked this thing. He’s really going for it. He’s doing everything our fans would hope he would do. He’s trying to be everything in all aspects of it. He’s deserving of seeing some more reps. That’s all.”


(On what he thought about Marshawn Lynch’s stiff arm on the sideline)  “Awesome. It didn’t get much play on the TV, I heard. We’ll live it up in here. It was great. It was a true ‘Beastmode’ moment right there.”


(On what he saw on the blocked field goal)  “We errored. It was a total mistake upfront. Their execution was good, we made a change afterwards. That never happens to us like that. We just made an error, we fell forward, and made a big space for them to penetrate. It was a real mistake on our part.”


(On if he thinks Russell Wilson is getting better at moving with the protection)  “I think his confidence and his sense is really obvious. I think what you’re saying is clear. That he is feeling the consistency of the protection and he’s moving consistently; the plays look a lot like the same. His drift, his step-up, and when he pops back out of it, it’s looking very consistent. He’s dangerous when that happens. The great adjustment that he had DK make, on the third play make. Then he had a little thing with Tyler [Lockett] I think later on, a little subtle one with David [Moore] on his route. Those are all him understanding, ‘I’ve got the chance to make this take next thing happen as opposed to just taking off. Sometimes that happens. He’s giving us another shot at it, which always allows for the bigger plays. Russ can run for some good yards, but he throws for more. I think it’s pretty clear.”


(On why it is tough to play at Lambeau Field)  “I don’t think you can connect a fan base with your team any tighter than you can do it there. They do a great job of knowing how to be a factor. Then there’s conditions too that go along with it. Early in the year it’s not a big deal, but late in the year the conditions can be a factor that you can’t copy. You just have to adjust when you’re there. Any of those things can become distractions if you let them. The fans can do it, whether it’s snowing or whatever it feels like. All of those things are issues that you’ve got to deal with. I think any issues make it easier for the home team. It’s like playing here. We have our problems that we present them with here. I think it’s a classic place. It’s all closed in too. The crowd noise is special there too.”