Members of the Huskies wrestling team were in action last weekend at the Guelph Open and they combined to claim four medals going up against top university and club competitors.

Katie Dutchak, a fifth-year nursing student, took on all challengers, winning all four of her matches at 50-kgs.

SueAnne Harms rebounded from an opening round loss to defeat Daina Armstrong from perennial powerhouse Brock University to finish second at 55-kgs.

On the men’s side, first year Drake Buechler won three of his four matches en route to a second-place finish.

First year Drake Buechler took home silver at the Guelph. Katie Dutchak won gold and Carson Lee silver. Tough day of wrestling! @shanebradley1 @SaskWrestling @HuskieAthletics

View image on Twitter Fellow rookie Carson Lee won a pair of bouts en route to a second place finish at 57-kgs while Remington Tschetter rounded out the top finishers by coming fifth at 61-kgs.

Huskie Top 5 Results – WOMEN

Open Women – 50kg
    1st Place – Katie Dutchak
2nd Place – Natassya Lu
3rd Place – Jade Dufour
4th Place – Vivica Addo
5th Place – Bailey Agard

Open Women – 55kg
1st Place – Hannah Little
2nd Place SueAnne Harms
3rd Place – Daina Armstrong

Huskie Top 5 Results – MEN

Open Men – 57kg
1st Place – Alec Montoya
    2nd Place – Drake Buechler
3rd Place – Khaled Aldrar
4th Place – Zaid Saif El Nasr

Open Men – 61kg
1st Place – Brayden Todd
2nd Place – Mandiel Hidalgo Montero
3rd Place – Kyle Robinson
4th Place – Joey Martin
    5th Place – Remington Tschetter
6th Place – Nick Adams

Open Men – 79kg
1st Place – Mohammed McBryde
    2nd Place – Carson Lee
3rd Place – John Fayed
4th Place – Sean Shoemaker
5th Place – Jake Michaelis
6th Place – Tyler Rowe