The University of Victoria Vikes Athletics and Recreation Department has created a new partnership with the Brandnew Elite Athlete Transformation online program.


“We care deeply about our student-athletes’ future and we want to support them in navigating these unprecedented days. Now, more than ever, is the time for them to explore personal development opportunities in preparing for a new normal where employment may be volatile and increasingly competitive. With this in mind, we are proud to partner on an exciting pilot project with Brandnew Athlete. Developed by the parents of a recent Vikes student-athlete grad, the Brandnew Elite Athlete Transformation program is the first online, video based, inspirational learning platform that focuses on the personal development of elite athletes,” said Clint Hamilton, Director of Vikes Athletics and Recreation.


Brandnew Athlete has built their program around five powerful pillars that they believe will foster personal development and growth in student-athletes. In general, the program wants to motivate personal discovery, define personal brand, develop skills that enhance growth, discuss issues relating to sport and life and to inspire athletes through the sharing of personal journeys.


“We wish to thank Brandnew for the opportunity to help our student-athletes at this time of uncertainty.” said Hamilton. “As the Vikes continue to be encouraged to be decentralized and practice safe social distancing, all while working on individualized fitness and skill development, they can also begin to focus on their post-athletic careers with the help of this new program.”