This week’s cartoon is inspired by actual events. A dear fellow goaltender who I skated with for years came to the rink one night to play. He was thrilled to showcase the paint job on his mask, passing it around for all to see. He exclaimed that his young son designed it for him, and he couldn’t wait to wear it on the ice. Well, it was a warm night in the rink and apparently his son used magic markers. After the game, back in the locker room, someone said, “Hey, where’s the design on your mask?” Taking it off, all that was left were a few streak marks where the markers washed off. The design was now all over his jersey.
I can’t repeat the next words that came out of his mouth, but let’s say they were more colorful than the mask design he sported. I never forgot that incident. It’s funny how you remember moments of past games. Wins, losses, playing well—or sub-par, seem to fade. Ah, but the memories. Always bring a smile to my face. This cartoon is dedicated for you, Mr. Devlin. You are missed.