The Seattle Seahawks and CLEAR, the secure biometric identity platform, announced today a partnership to leverage CLEAR’s cutting-edge technology to help keep players and personnel healthy. “Health Pass by CLEAR” will be used as part of the team’s COVID-19 health screening process for Seahawks personnel – including players, coaches, and staff – at the team’s training facility, the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), as well as at CenturyLink Field.
Health Pass is a new touchless product by CLEAR that securely connects a person’s digital identity to multiple layers of COVID-related insights to help reduce public health risk and restore peace of mind. Daily use of Health Pass will be required by anyone entering VMAC or CenturyLink Field, and will allow the Seahawks organization to link real-time health survey information to a user’s verified identity – creating an elegant, efficient and secure way to manage COVID screening.
“We are honored to assist the Seattle Seahawks players, coaches and staff in creating a safer workplace and greater peace of mind as they return to the field. Whether it’s airports or sports, CLEAR’s trusted technology is helping create safer environments,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.
“As we implement necessary measures for a safe return to football, CLEAR’s Health Pass offers an innovative, easy-to-use screening tool that will assist us in our enhanced health and safety protocols to protect the wellbeing of everyone who enters our buildings,” said Chip Suttles, Seahawks Vice President of Technology.
How It Works: Health Pass Makes it Easy to Create Safer Environments
  1. One time-Enrollment: Users download the CLEAR app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and set up their account by verifying their identity by uploading an identifying document and then snapping a quick selfie.
  2. Health Survey: Before entering a building or venue, users open Health Pass on their CLEAR app, verify their identity with a selfie, and then answer a series of health survey questions.
  3. Touchless Access: Depending on these COVID-health insights, users are issued either a red or green Health Pass that allows them to securely share their verified health insights. Throughout the Health Pass process, the partner organization only receives confirmation that users have satisfied their requirements for access with the equivalent of a red or green signal – and never has access to users’ private health details.
Health Pass has been instrumental in the National Hockey League’s return to play at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Toronto and Edmonton as well as New York’s 9/11 Memorial & Museum, and is being deployed across a wide array of public spaces – restaurants, retail, hotels, office buildings, airports, and arenas. New partnerships are being announced every week.
The Seahawks and CLEAR first partnered in 2018, when the Seahawks became the first NFL team to implement CLEAR’s innovative biometric payment and age verification at CenturyLink Field. CenturyLink Field also offers CLEAR security lanes for faster entry.
CLEAR is a leader in biometric identity and access, with more than 5 million users and 50+ locations across the United States. CLEAR already links identity with different information sets – including, credit cards, tickets to the game, reservations, frequent flyer numbers, flight manifests, health care identification, driver’s licenses and passports. CLEAR’s data security framework meets the highest standards for performance and for protecting sensitive information – FISMA High- and SAFETY Act-certified by the Department of Homeland Security.  CLEAR never sells an individual’s information and personal information is only shared with CLEAR partners when a member chooses to enroll in a jointly offered service – and only with their express permission.