Sarah Fuller, a Vanderbilt senior from Wylie, Texas, took the field for the start of the third quarter during the Commodores’ game at Missouri. She lined up with the Vandy kickoff team, eyed the ball and lined a 30-yard line drive down the field to the Missouri 35-yard line.

With that swift kick of her right leg, Fuller became the first woman to ever play in a football game in the Southeastern Conference. Her name is now carved in stone in American sports history.


“I honestly haven’t taken a second to soak it all in, really. I just think it’s incredible that I am able to do this,” Fuller said afterward. “All I want to is be a good influence to the young girls out there because there were times that I struggled in sports but I am so thankful I stuck with it. It’s giving me so many opportunities and I’ve met so many amazing people through sports”.

“I just want to say, literally, you can do anything you set your mind to”.