Tis the season of giving and showing love and support for all of those around us. At Braefoot, we’re not asking for much this year; just a show of thanks for our efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of children and youth across the region.

After a long-standing relationship and building the Braefoot Centre, the community association is having its lease terminated. The Municipality gave just over two weeks’ notice and let the Association know just 9 days before Christmas in the middle of Covid.

Want to help out? 

Sign the letter to tell Saanich Mayor and Council to reverse their decision to terminate their 34-year relationship with the Braefoot Community Association.

We like to dig deep to help support our local communities. Now, we’re asking for a little bit of help in return so we can keep doing this important work.

Please sign the letter, and share it with your friends and neighbours. Help us send a message that this relationship is too important to terminate.

Braefoot Community Association Staff