The National Football League today announced that 541 players are free agents who now can negotiate with all 32 clubs.

Players are either “restricted” or “unrestricted” free agents. Within the categories are also “franchise” and “transition” players.

The time period for free agency signings in 2021:

  • Restricted Free Agents – March 17 to April 23.
  • Unrestricted Free Agents (who have received the May 3 tender from prior club) – March 17 to July 22 (or the first scheduled day of the first NFL training camp, whichever is later).
  • Franchise Players – March 17 to the Tuesday following Week 10 of the regular season.
  • Transition Players – March 17 to July 22.

    A list of free agents by club in various categories:

Restricted free agents who received qualifying offers from their prior clubs and are subject to the first refusal/draft choice compensation system of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Club Player Pos. College First Refusal/ Compensation
Arizona Gardeck, Dennis LB Sioux Falls 2nd
  Turner, Ezekiel LB Washington ROFR
Atlanta Gono, Matt T Wesley 2nd
Baltimore Edwards, Gus RB Rutgers 2nd
Buffalo Boettger, Ike G Iowa ROFR
Cleveland Hodge, Khadarel WR Prairie View ROFR
Dallas Wilson, Cedrick WR Boise State 6th
  Woods, Antwaun DT Southern California ROFR
Denver Johnson, A.J. LB Tennessee 2nd
  Lindsay, Phillip RB Colorado ROFR
  Patrick, Tim WR Utah 2nd
Green Bay Sullivan, Chandon DB Georgia State ROFR
  Tonyan, Robert TE Indiana State 2nd
Houston Hall, P.J. DT Sam Houston State 2nd
  Moore, A.J. DB Mississippi ROFR
Indianapolis Alie-Cox, Mo TE Virginia Commonwealth 2nd
  Odum, George DB Central Arkansas ROFR
  Pascal, Zach WR Old Dominion 2nd
Kansas City Pringle, Byron WR Kansas State ROFR
  Ward, Charvarius DB Middle Tennessee 2nd
  Wylie, Andrew T Eastern Michigan ROFR
Las Vegas Carlson, Daniel K Auburn 2nd
L.A. Rams Williams, Darious DB Alabama-Birmingham 1st
New England Jackson, J.C. DB Maryland 2nd
Seattle Ford, Poona NT Texas 2nd
Washington Sims, Cam WR Alabama ROFR

If a player in his category receives an offer from a new club to sign a player contract for the 2021 season or for 2021 and future seasons, which offer the player desires to accept, the offer must be set forth in an offer sheet, signed by both the new club and the player, and must be substantially in the form of Appendix B of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. The new club and the player must specifically identify in the offer sheet those provisions they believe are principal terms that must be matched by the prior club. The new club then must immediately: hand deliver the offer sheet, or send it by overnight mail, or by electronic mail in .pdf form (in each case a confirmation copy shall also be sent by first class mail) to the prior club, to the attention of the club’s president or general manager.

The new club must send copies of the offer sheet to the National Football League Players Association and to the National Football League using the above described delivery procedures.  If the offer sheet is hand delivered, the new club should obtain an acknowledgement of receipt.  In addition, the new club shall notify the League office via the transaction system of the terms of an offer sheet immediately upon delivery to a prior club.

The prior club has a right of first refusal to all players listed in the category above.  Draft choice compensation is as listed in the column on the right.  If the prior club has only a right of first refusal and is therefore not entitled to compensation, the designation “ROFR” appears in that column.  In order to submit an offer sheet, a new club must have available the required selection choice, defined as its own or better choice in the applicable rounds, in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Offer sheets may be submitted to a prior club until 11:59:59 p.m., New York time, on Friday, April 23. An offer sheet shall be deemed given only when received by the prior club. A first refusal exercise notice, which must be substantially in the form of Appendix C to the CBA, shall be deemed given when sent by the prior club.

Players with three or more accrued seasons who have been designated as Non-Exclusive Franchise Players:

Club Player Pos. College
Chicago Robinson, Allen WR Penn State
Denver Simmons, Justin DB Boston College
Jacksonville Robinson, Cam T Alabama
New Orleans Williams, Marcus DB Utah
New York Giants Williams, Leonard DT Southern California
New York Jets Maye, Marcus DB Florida
Tampa Bay Godwin, Chris WR Penn State


The prior club has a right of first refusal to the players listed above and compensation of two No. 1 draft choices. In order to submit an offer sheet, a new club must have available the required choices, defined as its own or better choices in the first round in the 2021 and 2021 NFL Drafts. Offer sheets must be submitted to a prior club prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the Tuesday following the 10th regular season weekend. Offer sheets to franchise players are subject to the rules governing offer sheets to restricted free agents, as set forth in the category above, except that the prior club will be entitled to two No. 1 draft choices if the club declines to exercise its right of first refusal.

Unrestricted free agents with four or more accrued seasons:

Club Player Pos. College
Arizona Arnold, Dan TE Wisconsin-Platteville
  Banjo, Chris DB Southern Methodist
  Beachum, Kelvin T Southern Methodist
  Blackson, Angelo DT Auburn
  Campbell, De’Vondre ILB Minnesota
  Daniels, Darrell TE Washington
  DeValve, Seth TE Princeton
  Drake, Kenyan RB Alabama
  Fitzgerald, Larry WR Pittsburgh
  Foster, D.J. RB Arizona State
  Garcia, Max G Florida
  Golden, Markus LB Missouri
  Hundley, Brett QB UCLA
  Irving, Isaiah LB San Jose State
  Joseph, Johnathan DB South Carolina
  Kirkpatrick, Dre DB Alabama
  Lee, Andy P Pittsburgh
  Nugent, Mike K Ohio State
  Peko, Domata NT Michigan State
  Peters, Corey NT Kentucky
  Peterson, Kevin DB Oklahoma State
  Peterson, Patrick DB Louisiana State
  Reddick, Haason LB Temple
  Sweezy, J.R. G North Carolina State
  Vallejo, Tanner ILB Boise State
  Washington, Charles DB Fresno State
Atlanta Dennard, Darqueze DB Michigan State
  Gurley, Todd RB Georgia
  Harris, Charles LB Missouri
  Hill, Brian RB Wyoming
  Kazee, Damontae DB San Diego State
  Mack, Alex C California