Barney Williams

The Department of Athletics and Recreation has announced that by mutual agreement with the university, Barney Williams has resigned as the head coach of the Women’s Rowing Program effective April 18.

Williams joined UVic in 2018 and coached the women’s team for three seasons. Both the department and Williams have determined it’s in the best interest of the rowing program for him to step away from his position as women’s rowing head coach so that the circumstances associated with the 2018/19 season are not a continuing distraction for the program.

Williams has had some significant personal challenges over the past three years as well and will be taking this time to support his family.

“Our main focus at this moment is squarely on the student-athletes.  We recognize that this was difficult and unexpected news for them. We are committed to continuing to provide the student athletes and other members of the team the necessary support and resources to focus on their health, safety, and academic achievement and to begin preparation for the seasons to come,” said Director of Varsity Performance Sport Nick Clarke.