The Victoria City Rowing Club (VCRC) is thrilled to announce that a team of 6 junior girls has won the challenge organized by Rowing Canada Aviron.


The VCRC team of Willow Tzonev, Eryn Wale, Tegan Zecher, Stella Graham, Quinn Parfitt and Hui-Lin Shan rowed an astonishing 2,250.583m in the ‘Row to Tokyo’ indoor rowing Challenge that started on April 19th and finished May 2nd. This past weekend they spent close to 16 hours per day at the VRS boathouse to get as many km’s as possible. This last push got them the farthest towards Tokyo and won a new indoor rowing machine for the rowing club. All 30 teams collectively rowed 17,410.569 km.


The leaderboard can be found via:


This challenge will be the kick off for the club goal to fundraise for a new 8+ at the boathouse. All athletes are only allowed to row in singles at the moment and can’t wait to go back into crew boats. Fundraising for this new boat will bring motivation and excitement to a difficult year with all regatta cancelled so far. Donations can be made via:


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