The Western Hockey League completed the 2021 WHL Prospects Draft online today.

With the first-overall pick in the 2021 WHL Prospects Draft, the Spokane Chiefs used the selection to take forward Berkly Catton (Saskatoon, Sask. / Saskatoon Contacts U18). Shortly after the selection of Catton, the Chiefs announced the No. 1 pick had signed a WHL Standard Player Agreement.

In total, 214 players were selected by WHL member Clubs, including 119 forwards, 71 defencemen, and 24 goaltenders.

Alberta led all provincial branches with 75 players selected. A total of 65 players from B.C. / Yukon were chosen, with another 41 players coming from Saskatchewan. Manitoba saw 26 players selected. Thursday’s proceedings saw seven players selected from the United States, following on the heels of 43 American-born players taken in the 2021 WHL U.S. Priority Draft on Wednesday.

The first three rounds of the 2021 WHL Prospects Draft featured 40 players selected from the Canadian Sports School Hockey League, comprising 59 per cent of the total. In all, 94 players from the CSSHL were chosen.

Players eligible for the 2021 WHL Prospects Draft were 2006-born players residing in Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of all players selected in the 2021 WHL Prospects Draft.

2021 WHL Prospects Draft Results – First Round

#1 – Spokane Chiefs
Name: Berkly Catton                 Position: Forward          Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Contacts U18                                      Stats: 15 GP – 11G-12A–23 points

#2 – Tri-City Americans
Name: Jordan Gavin                  Position: Forward          Hometown: Surrey, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U17 Prep                         Stats: 14 GP – 24G-34A–58 points

#3 – Brandon Wheat Kings
Name: Charlie Elick                   Position: Defence          Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Edge School U18 Prep                                         Stats: 11 GP – 3G-9A–12 points

#4 – Brandon Wheat Kings
Name: Roger McQueen             Position: Forward          Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Blazers U18                                        Stats: 17 GP – 3G-17A–20 points

#5 – Red Deer Rebels
Name: Ollie Josephson              Position: Forward          Hometown: Victoria, B.C.
Team: South Island Royals U18                                      Stats: 10 GP – 6G-9A–15 points

#6 – Swift Current Broncos
Name: Clarke Caswell                Position: Forward          Hometown: Brandon, Man.
Team: Brandon Wheat Kings U18                                   Stats: 20 GP – 23G-28A–51 points

#7 – Swift Current Broncos
Name: Josh Fluker                     Position: Defence          Hometown: Boissevain, Man.
Team: Southwest Cougars U18                                      Stats: 19 GP – 5G-11A–16 points

#8 – Medicine Hat Tigers
Name: Tomas Mrsic                  Position: Forward          Hometown: Surrey, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U17                                 Stats: 16 GP – 27G-31A–58 points

#9 – Seattle Thunderbirds
Name: Tij Iginla                         Position: Forward          Hometown: Lake Country, B.C.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U18 Prep             Stats: 10 GP – 6G-5A–11 points

#10 – Lethbridge Hurricanes
Name: Miguel Marques             Position: Forward          Hometown: Prince George, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U17 Prep                         Stats: 16 GP – 27G-37A–64 points

#11 – Vancouver Giants
Name: Colton Roberts               Position: Defence          Hometown: Maple Ridge, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U17 Prep                         Stats: 17 GP – 5G-21A–26 points

#12 – Calgary Hitmen
Name: Carson Wetsch               Position: Forward          Hometown: North Vancouver, B.C.
Team: Burnaby Winter Club Academy U18 Prep             Stats: 11 GP – 10G-7A–17 points

#13 – Prince Albert Raiders
Name: Cole Peardon                 Position: Forward          Hometown: Outlook, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Blazers U18                                        Stats: 18 GP – 4G-12A–16 points

#14 – Prince Albert Raiders
Name: Ryder Ritchie                  Position: Forward          Hometown: Kelowna, B.C.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U18 Prep             Stats: 3 GP – 1G-2A–3 points

#15 – Prince George Cougars
Name: Tyson Buczkowski           Position: Defence          Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Blazers U18                                        Stats: 20 GP – 4G-12A–16 points

#16 – Moose Jaw Warriors
Name: Marek Howell                Position: Defence          Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Calgary Royals U18                                              Stats: 18 GP – 4G-2A–6 points

#17 – Lethbridge Hurricanes
Name: Tristen Doyle                  Position: Defence          Hometown: Edmonton, Alta.
Team: Northern Alberta Xtreme U18                             Stats: 18 GP – 6G-17A–23 points

#18 – Winnipeg ICE
Name: Jonas Woo                     Position: Defence          Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Team: Winnipeg Bruins U18                                          Stats: 21 GP – 3G-15A–18 points

#19 – Edmonton Oil Kings
Name: Gavin Hodnett                Position: Forward          Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Winnipeg U18                   Stats: 20 GP – 10G-20A–30 points

#20 – Everett Silvertips
Name: Tarin Smith                    Position: Defence          Hometown: Porcupine Plain, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Blazers U18                                        Stats: 20 GP – 1G-14A–15 points

#21 – Regina Pats
Name: Jaxsin Vaughan               Position: Forward          Hometown: Merritt, B.C.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U18                    Stats: 12 GP – 9G-3A–12 points

#22 – Brandon Wheat Kings
Name: Caleb Hadland                Position: Forward          Hometown: Sylvan Lake, Alta.
Team: Yale Hockey Academy U18 Prep                           Stats: 14 GP – 9G-5A–14 points

Round Two
#23 – Victoria Royals: Hiroki Gojsic, F, Langley, B.C.; #24 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Hyde Davidson, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #25 – Swift Current Broncos: Maddix McCagherty, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #26 – Kamloops Blazers: Ashton Tait, F, Prince Albert, Sask.; #27 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Lynden Lakovic, F, West Kelowna, B.C.; #28 – Spokane Chiefs: William McIsaac, D, Vancouver, B.C.; #29 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Trae Wilke, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #30 – Regina Pats: Corbin Vaughan, D, Merritt, B.C.; #31 – Tri-City Americans: Gavin Garland, F, Tsawwassen, B.C.; #32 – Prince Albert Raiders: Grady Martin, F, Oyen, Alta.; #33 – Prince George Cougars: Hunter Laing, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #34 – Saskatoon Blades: Zachary Moore, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #35 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Brady Ness, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #36 – Portland Winterhawks: Luke Brunen, G, Warman, Sask.; #37 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Diego Buttazzoni, F, Langley, B.C.; #38 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Bryce Pickford, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #39 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Ethan McCallum, G, Brandon, Man.; #40 – Red Deer Rebels: Chase Wutzke, G, Debden, Sask.; #41 – Spokane Chiefs: Luka Shcherbyna, C, Vancouver, B.C.; #42 – Kamloops: Jesse Sanche, G, Kelowna, B.C.; #43 – Prince Albert Raiders: Seth Tansem, D, Kelowna, B.C.; #44 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Simon Lovsin, F, Stony Plain, Alta.;  #45 – Swift Current Broncos: Otto Hanson, F, Calgary, Alta.

Round Three
#46 – Victoria Royals: Jayden Kraus, G, Prince Albert, Sask.; #47 – Red Deer: Zane Saab, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #48 – Swift Current Broncos: Dawson Gerwing, F, Meadow Lake, Sask.; #49 – Tri-City Americans: Merrek Arpin, F, East St. Paul, Man.; #50 – Vancouver Giants: Matthew Hutchison, G, Nanaimo, B.C.; #51 – Spokane Chiefs: Nathan Mayes, D, Salmon Arm, B.C.; #52 – Kamloops Blazers: Harrison Brunicke, D, Calgary, Alta.; #53 – Saskatoon Blades: Evan Gardner, G, Lake Country, B.C.; #54 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Cayden Lindstrom, F, Fort St. John, B.C.; #55 – Prince Albert Raiders: Max Heise, F, Calgary, Alta.; #56 – Prince George Cougars: Riley Ashe, F, Warman, Sask.; #57 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Owen Berge, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #58 – Calgary Hitmen: Chase Valliant, F, Surrey, B.C.; #59 – Portland Winterhawks: Reid Varkonyi, F, Sherwood Park, Alta.; #60 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Nate Corbet, D, Calgary, Alta.; #61 – Kelowna Rockets: Gabriel Guilbault, D, Burnaby, B.C.; #62 – Saskatoon Blades: Smyth Rebman, F, Prince George, B.C.; #63 – Prince George Cougars: Matt Lahey, D, Victoria, B.C.; #64 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Carter Klippenstein, F, Lethbridge, Alta.; #65 – Saskatoon Blades: Eric Emery, D, Surrey, B.C.; #66 – Everett Silvertips: Jesse Heslop, F, Nanaimo, B.C.; #67 – Winnipeg ICE: Miles Cooper; C, Calgary, Alta.

Round Four
#68 – Saskatoon Blades: Fraser Leonard, D, Cochrane, Alta.; #69 – Prince Albert Raiders: Landon Cooper, D, Whitehorse, Yukon; #70 – Swift Current Broncos: Ethan Simcoe, G, Lac Du Bonnet, Man.; #71 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Rylan Bonkowski, D, Richmond, B.C.; #72 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Ethan Hughes, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #73 – Spokane: Cole Wadsworth, F, Penticton, B.C.; #74 – Victoria Royals: Matthew Keller, D, Airdrie, Alta.; #75 – Regina Pats: Raiden Zacharias, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #76 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Simon Martin, D, Lumsden, Sask.; #77 – Victoria Royals: Carsten Kayter, D, Warman, Sask.; #78 – Prince George Cougars: Terik Parascak, F, Lethbridge, Alta.; #79 – Vancouver Giants: Justin Ivanusec, F, Delta, B.C.; #80 – Calgary Hitmen: Ethan Merner, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #81 – Portland Winterhawks: Cole Cairns, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #82 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Ethan Mackenzie, D, West Kelowna, B.C.; #83 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Landen Ward, F, Lloydminster, Alta.; #84 – Portland Winterhawks: Alex Thompson, D, Winnipeg, Man.; #85 – Winnipeg ICE: Hayden Moore, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #86 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Carter Rimstad, D, Edmonton, Alta., #87 – Kamloops Blazers: Max Sullivan, F, Calgary, Alta.; #88 – Prince Albert Raiders: Evhan Allan, F, Davidson, Sask.; #89 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Teo Pisani, F, St. Albert, Alta.

Round Five
#90 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Rhys Pederson, D, Stettler, Alta.; #91 – Red Deer Rebels: Keith McInnis, D, Red Deer, Alta.; #92 – Regina Pats: Aaron Krestanowich, D, Winnipeg, Man.; #93 – Tri-City Americans: Eric Kahl, G, Saskatoon, Sask.; #94 – Swift Current: Ronan Buckberger, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #95 – Red Deer Rebels: Evan Smith, F, Kamloops, B.C.; #96 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Spencer Michnik, G, Sylvan Lake, Alta.; #97 – Spokane Chiefs: Cameron Parr, F, La Salle, Man.; #98 – Red Deer Rebels: Samuel Rousseau, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #99 – Vancouver Giants: Linden Burrett, D, Surrey, B.C.; #100 – Prince George Cougars: Madden Mulawka, G, Edmonton, Alta.; #101 – Saskatoon Blades: Ryan Zaremba, F, White City, Sask.; #102 – Calgary Hitmen: Jaren Ashbee, D, Surrey, B.C.; #103 – Portland Winterhawks: Hudson Darby, F, Swift Current, Sask.; #104 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Ryan Seeley, D, Olds, Alta.; #105 – Calgary Hitmen: Jack Birch, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #106 – Saskatoon Blades: Michael Gallant, D, Langley, B.C.; #107 – Regina Pats: Brock Souch, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #108 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Evan Lambert, D, Winnipeg, Man.; #109 – Kamloops Blazers: Conner Radke, F, Langdon, Alta.; #110 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Nolan Dupont, F, Calgary, Alta.; #111 – Spokane Chiefs: Will Jamieson, F, Delburne, Alta.

Round Six
#112 – Red Deer Rebels: Derek Thurston, D, Delta, B.C.; #113 – Red Deer Rebels: Kanye Huang, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #114 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Ethan Eskit, G, Calgary, Alta.; #115 – Kamloops Blazers: Luke Dahlen, R, Saskatoon, Sask.; #116 – Winnipeg ICE: Kyle Marsden, D, Fort McMurray, Alta.; #117 – Winnipeg ICE: Oscar Lovsin, F, Calgary, Alta.; #118 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Coy Pighin, F, Alix, Alta.; #119 – Regina Pats: Carter Ralston, F, Unity, Sask.; #120 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Diego Johnson, F, Fort St. James, B.C.; #121 – Prince Albert Raiders: Ty Gordon, F, St, Albert, Alta.; #122 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Kale Tipler, D, Edgerton, Alta.; #123 – Calgary Hitmen: Christian Francis, G, Spruce Grove, Alta.; #124 – Calgary Hitmen: Dryden Kuramoto, F, Burnaby, B.C.; #125 – Portland Winterhawks: Carsyn Dyck, F, Warman, Sask.; #126 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Grayson Niehaus, F, Spruce Grove, Alta.; #127 – Kelowna Rockets: Logan Peskett, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #128 – Prince George Cougars: Tyson Matthews, D, Vernon, B.C.; #129 – Winnipeg ICE: Carson Reagan, F, Calgary, Alta.; #130 – Kamloops Blazers: Jordan Murray, D, Decker, Man.; #131 – Everett Silvertips: Cameron Sytsma, D, Surrey, B.C.; #132 – Everett Silvertips: Carter Bear, F, West St. Paul, Man; #133 – Edmonton Oil KIngs: Rhett Ewen, F, Saskatoon, Sask.

Round Seven
#134 – Victoria Royals: Steven Foster, F, Abbotsford, B.C.; #135 – Red Deer Rebels: Escalus Burlock, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #136 – Portland Winterhawks: Nathan Free, F, Calgary, Alta.; #137 – Tri-City Americans: Cole Bilous, D, Lockport, Man.; #138 – Prince Albert Raiders: Owen Wallace, D, Brandon, Man.; #139 – Spokane Chiefs: Cohen Armstrong, F, West Vancouver, B.C..; #140 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Luke Cozens, F, Whitehorse, Yukon; #141 – Regina Pats: Dru Mushumanski, F, Rossburn, Man.; #142: Prince George Cougars: Garrett Thom, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #143 – Prince Albert Raiders: Connor Baumbach, G, Red Deer, Alta.; #144 – Prince George Cougars: Carter Onrait, F, Estevan, Sask.; #145 – Red Deer Rebels: Rylan Bray, F, Neepawa, Man.; #146 – Calgary Hitmen: Kabir Shahi, D, Richmond, B.C..; #147 – Kamloops Blazers: Tyson Jugnauth, D, Richmond, B.C.; #148 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Nishaan Parmer, C, Surrey, B.C.; #149 – Kelowna Rockets: Cutter Knight, D, Swift Current, Sask.; #150 – Vancouver Giants: Connor Miller, F, Lipton, Sask.; #151 – Regina Pats: Kaslo Ferner, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #152 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Drew Williamson, F, Wimborne, Alta; #153 – Kamloops Blazers: Brogan Pilgaard-Kennedy, F, Vancouver, B.C.; #154 – Kamloops: Bryce Minten, F, Vancouver, B.C.; #155 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Miles Burgin, F, Surrey, B.C.

Round Eight
#156 – Winnipeg ICE: Chase Bambrick, D, Lethbridge, Alta.; #157 – Red Deer Rebels: Grant Young, F, Boulder, Colo; #158 – Everett Silvertips: Lynden Donald-Gorman, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #159 – Tri-City Americans: Zakhar Meshcheriakov, D, Phoenix, Ariz.; #160 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Joshua Banini, G, Edmonton, Alta.; #161 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Jake Briltz, F, Regina, Sask.; #162 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Lucas Minard, G, Dallas, Texas; #163 – Everett Silvertips: Beck Boiteau, G, Medicine Hat, Alta.; #164 – Prince George Cougars: Drew Peterson, D, Milwaukee, Wis.; #165 – Winnipeg ICE: Noah Stenvig, G, Victoria, B.C.; #166 – Prince George Cougars: Reis Nyland, F, La Glace, Alta.; #167 – Vancouver Giants: McCarthy Richardson, F, Surrey, B.C.; #168 – Calgary Hitmen: Allen Sherpa, F, Calgary, Alta.; #169 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Pass; #170 – Portland Winterhawks: Marek Schlenker, G, Okotoks, Alta.; #171 – Kelowna Rockets: Luke Mackenzie, F, Pipestone, Man.; #172 – Regina Pats: Nicolas Rempel, G, Winnipeg, Man.; #173 – Winnipeg ICE: Landon Young, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #174 – Vancouver Giants: Jacob Goudreau, F, St. Albert, Alta.; #175 – Saskatoon Blades: Finn McLaughlin, D, Canmore, Alta.; #176 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Liam Hoff, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #177 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Jake Pilon, G, Calgary, Alta.

Round Nine
#178 – Calgary Hitmen: Kalan Anderlini, D, Langley, B.C.; #179 – Red Deer Rebels: Mason Karakochuk, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #180 – Swift Current Broncos: Luc Bourdon, D, Prince Albert, Sask.; #181 – Tri-City Americans: Nicholas Anisimovicz, F, Calgary, Alta.; #182 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Spencer Masters, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #183 – Spokane Chiefs: Ryan Tamelin, G, Invermere, B.C..; #184 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Josh Evaschesen, F, Medicine Hat, Alta.; #185 – Regina Pats: Pass; #186 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Joshua Polak, F, Sherwood Park, Alta.; #187 – Prince Albert Raiders: Tyrone Sobry, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #188 – Prince George Cougars: Pass; #189 – Kelowna Rockets: Brendan McFatridge, F, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.; #190 – Everett Silvertips: Kenyon McIsaac, D, Prince George, B.C.; #191 – Portland Winterhawks: Cohen Massey, D, Cloverdale, B.C.; #192 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Pass; #194 – Saskatoon Blades: Morgan Tastad, D, Loreburn, Sask.; #195 – Kelowna Rockets: Jacob Labant, F, St. Paul, Alta.; #197 – Victoria Royals: Deegan Kinniburgh, F, Taber, Alta.; #198 – Kamloops Blazers: Thomas Byrne, D, Calgary, Alta.; #199 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Michael Sullivan, D, Winnipeg, Man.

Round 10
#200 – Victoria Royals: Brendon Hall, F, Brentwood Bay, B.C.; #201 – Red Deer Rebels: Pass; #202 – Swift Current Broncos: Pass; #203 – Tri-City Americans: Ben Polhill, G, Cochrane, Alta.; #204 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Dimitri Fortin, G, Winnipeg, Man.; #205 – Spokane Chiefs: Tyler Bernier, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #206 – Victoria Royals: Seth Fryer, D, Victoria, B.C.; #208 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Keon Senft, F, Regina, Sask.; #209 – Kamloops Blazers: Pass; #211 – Vancouver Giants: Ethan McEneany, F, Tacoma, Wash.; #212 – Calgary Hitmen: Pass; #213 – Portland: Liam Goertzen, F, Homewood, Man.; #216 – Saskatoon Blades: Jackson Kostiuk, F, East St. Paul, Man.; #217 – Winnipeg ICE: Turner McIntyre, F, St. Albert, Alta.; #218 – Kelowna Rockets: Jacob Morris, G, Regina, Sask.; #221 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Treycen Wuttunee, F, Battleford, Sask.

Round 11
#222 – Victoria Royals: Hudson Binder, F, Calgary, Alta.; #225 – Tri-City Americans: Pass; #226 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Pass; #227 – Spokane Chiefs: Corwith Simmers, F, Sun Valley, Idaho; #228 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Pass; #230 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Pass. #231 – Prince Albert Raiders: Pass; #233 – Vancouver Giants: Pass; #235 – Portland Winterhawks: Ben Miller, F, Woodbury, Minn.; #237 – Kelowna Rockets: Rowan Guest, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #238 – Saskatoon Blades: Pass; #239 – Winnipeg ICE: Jagden Taylor, D, Regina, Sask.; #242 – Everett Silvertips: Pass; #243 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Bowman Klippenstein, F, Coaldale, Alta.

Round 12
#244 – Victoria Royals: Pass; #249 – Spokane Chiefs: Pass; #257 – Portland Winterhawks: Jamie Hikida, F, Richmond, B.C.; #259 – Kelowna Rockets: Ismail Abougouche, D, Lac La Biche, Alta.; #261 – Winnipeg ICE – Pass; #265 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Pass.

Round 13
#279 – Portland Winterhawks: Pass; #281 – Kelowna Rockets: Kayden Longley, F, Wainwright, Alta.